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“Reflections, analysis and proposals for libertarian pedagogy today”


Solidarity with Queer Bulgaria: 27 June 2009

The International Queer Solidarity Network calls for a European mobilization, with support from the United States, that will stand in solidarity with Queer Bulgaria.

Stop Mountaintop Removal: Support the Kayford 8!

17 arrested in anti-mountaintop removal civil disobedience

Join People's Summit in Detroit June 14-17, 2009

People's Summit in Detroit June 14-17, 2009 to protest big-business gathering and to create a poor and working people's economic agenda. Join to protest big-business, to participate in the tent city and forums, town hall meetings and more!

It Doesn't Matter Whether the CIA Lied to Pelosi

Don't be distracted by the finger pointing.

Come to Palestine!

Thinking of Coming to Palestine?
Interested in Being a Responsible Solidarity Activist?
Palestine Solidarity Project Needs YOU!

Kaw Valley Sustainability Network News

Sustainability Action Network Events for the coming week.

Transition: Economics

Reprinted from "An economics addition to The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins, Peter Lipman, Jules Peck, Ciaran Mundy and Steph Bradley", posted at

Since the first edition of the Transition Handbook was published, huge and far-reaching changes have begun unfolding in the world economy. For many, they are seen as the outcome of the end of the age of cheap oil, the inevitable result of the inability of a global economy addicted to oil unable to get its fix, and in particular a result of the oil price spike of July 2008, with speculators escalating oil to a high of $147 a barrel, a price at which, quite clearly, the world economy as we know it is unable to function.

Hyperlocavore - Food Not Lawns

This post, by Liz McLellan, originally appeared on (, and is reprinted here under the Creative Commons Attribute/Share-Alike License 3.0. Liz is the builder of a free yard sharing community. After 25 years in the tech field as a user interface specialist and web strategist, Liz moved to the country. She describes herself as farm nerd. She likes to spend her time between gardening, geeking out and community building. Liz started to encourage people to grow food with their friends, family and neighbors in yard sharing groups to build community and food security close to home. She's blogging about the experience of building the site, the community and all her about growing food and tending her beasties. (you can e-mail her hyperlocavore at gmail and tweet her @hyperlocavore)

Join ISM's Summer Campaign in Palestine

The International Solidarity Movement is issuing a call-out for internationals to volunteer as field activists and office workers in the West Bank, Gaza, and occupied East Jerusalem this summer.

Venezuela: El Libertario warns of possible ...

* After taking part in a demonstration for lack of job security in 2006, 14 workers of contractor "Transportes Camila de SIDOR" could be sentenced to 5 to 10 years in jail.

The Nail In Our Economic Coffin

We Americans commonly refer to our system of government as a "great experiment," but we rarely look at our economic system in the same light.

Wichita State Sodexo resolution!


Here's some excerpts:

WHEREAS, As students and members of the campus community we have the right to know where the food served on our campus comes from and under what conditions it is produced, and the right to have a say in the contracting and procurement policies of our university; and [...]
WHEREAS, Major food service providers like Sodexo purchase a tremendous amount of tomatoes, serving them to students at schools across the country; and
WHEREAS, Florida tomato pickers are some of the most exploited workers in the country, suffering from sub-poverty wages, no overtime pay, and in the most extreme cases, modern-day slavery; and therefore be it resolved
RESOLVED, the Wichita State University Student Government Association urges Sodexo to meet with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, agree to pay a penny more per pound to directly improve Florida tomato pickers' wages, and, together with the CIW, implement an enforceable, human rights-based Code of Conduct for its tomato supply chain; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,  that the Student Government Association also urges the Wichita State University administration to publicly call on Sodexo to do the same; and
RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be respectfully forwarded to Dr. Donald Beggs, President of Wichita State University [...] and Arlin Wasserman, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, Sodexo...

KC Indymedia Collective Participation

Right now, the KC Indymedia Collective is one person. The site looks like it's getting a good start, and people are beginning to participate. There will, in time, be people who wish to participate in the KC Indymedia Collective on a deeper, more committed level, as members of the collective, so I'm putting forward the criteria for people to be invited to join as such.

KC DIY WIKI - a collaborative wiki

KC DIY is a new wiki that anyone can particpate in to share ideas and information about do-it-yourself projects in kansas City.





Relocalization Revisited

Relocalization may be a new term, but conceptually it has long roots. In general, common themes include decentralization of political and economic structures, less material consumption and pollution, a focus on the quality of relationships, culture and the environment as sources of fulfillment, and downscaling of infrastructural development.

You Know...

You know, one has to wonder if the jig is up. As the land of promises we have promised a chance at a new life and a beggining for anyone willing to work hard and abide by our laws. We have been seen as a land of justice standing against oppression within our own borders, and holding hope for those outside of them. We provided a voice for those without one around the world and where we could we helped. Well I suppose the jig isn't quite up as we are mostly still that.

Cyber-Attack in California 9 April 2009

On April 9, 2009, the city of Morgan Hill, California and parts of three counties lost 911 service, cellular mobile telephone communications, land-line telephone, DSL internet and private networks, central station fire and burglar alarms, ATMs, credit card terminals, and monitoring of critical utilities.The development of the internet's communications protocols was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense, and they were designed to survive large failures. But it still takes local engineering skill to implement robust networking services.

Occupy, Resist, Produce: Factories Without Bosses

Beginning in 2001, Argentinean factory workers that had been fired from their jobs decided to take their jobs and their factories back.  Fighting against the former owners, the police and the government, these workers have reclaimed their right to work with dignity and without bosses. This is my undergraduate thesis that explores Argentina's occupied and recuperated factories and the history that led up to this unique social movement. This piece focuses on two factories, Brukman and Zanon, the most famous of the occupied factories.

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