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Right now, the KC Indymedia Collective is one person. The site looks like it's getting a good start, and people are beginning to participate. There will, in time, be people who wish to participate in the KC Indymedia Collective on a deeper, more committed level, as members of the collective, so I'm putting forward the criteria for people to be invited to join as such.

The criterion for people being invited to join the collective is that they first do something to make a significant contribution to the site:

1. Write articles on a regular basis (not just a one-off) [say two short or one long article/week for 4 weeks]

2. Submit photos or videos on a regular basis [say 10 photos or two videos/week for 4 weeks]

3. Submit events on a regular basis [say 5 events/week for 4 weeks]

4. Combinations of things like those mentioned above, [on a regular basis over the course of four to six weeks]

5. Also people who know how to hack mysql code or Ruby code, or do tech stuff like streaming audio or video who will commit a certain number of hours per week to working on the site [say 2 hours/week];

6. People who will commit a certain number of hours per week to moderating articles, proposing and making design changes, and publicizing the site [also 2 hours/week].

7. If at some point a paper, video, or streaming audio version becomes possible, then a work commitment (resulting in showing up to work on a regular basis for a given amount of time) on that would be worth an invite to join the collective.

Then of course they have to agree with the Indymedia Principles of Unity, but that should be implicit, because they will have established a track record of adhering to those principles by their actions in submitting articles, hacking code, or helping to moderate, publicize, design, or other things necesary for the site.

The amounts and time periods aren't hard limits, it can be more or less, but I want to see the collective members as people who actually perform work and get things done, and do this over a sustained period of time.

Contact email: kcindymedia@gmail.com



I want to be in the collective!

keep up the good work...

see guidelines above. btw, you're good at writing articles... I like your work.