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Kansas City joins with Seattle to force Bush to stop blocking the 9-11 investigation. Activists worldwide are following suit. New York is next! 9-11 meet ups forming worldwide, pointing to Kansas City as an example.
KC Iraq Task Force, KC Peace Works, KC American Friends Service Committee, KC Greens, and other activists are JOINING to support a 911 Visibility Project - Kansas City

Peace & justice activists throughout the Kansas City area in conjunction with Seattle Thunder organized a 9-11 Visibility Group and have presented it to the Kansas City Iraq Task Force. Many activists, 911 families, and members of the 9-11 Commission feel that government officials are concealing pertinent facts about the September 11th attacks, in order to hide gross negligence and irresponsibility. Some even see the possibility of deliberate involvement by members of the Bush Administration.

The revelation of facts concerning 9-11 is THE most important issue facing America today, because it could directly expose a conspiracy to dupe Americans into approving an unjust war for oil.

For the past two years the Bush Administration has used the September 11th terrorist attacks as the main rationale for the "War on Terror," stripping away civil liberties at home while pursuing a militaristic foreign policy to gain control over Central Asian and Middle Eastern oil.

Constant reminders of the possibility of "further attacks," along with color-coded "terror alerts" in the mainstream media exploit the 9-11 tragedy and are part of an ongoing campaign to frighten and manipulate the public into accepting the Administration's agenda of global domination.

The Visibility Group holds that serious questions, previously trivialized by mainstream media are now coming into the spotlight.  The Group intends to bring the seriousness of these questions to the attention of the American public, indicating that some are so serious that they could expose high treason in government. 

Such questions, however remote, should be taken as seriously as any terrorist threat, until such time as suspected individuals and/or agencies are either cleared from suspicion or prosecuted.  To leave the questions unanswered presents a threat to not only the security but to the integrity of the United States of America.

Some of the main questions the 9-11 Visibility Group want answered are:

  1. WHY were no fighter jets scrambled to escort airliners on 9-11 shortly after they were detected to be off course and out of communication, per standard FAA and DOD operating procedures, proven to be in effect at the time of the hijackings?
  2. Why did Donald Rumsfeld claim on national television that there were no fighters stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, while Air Force officials claimed that there were?
  3. Why was no airliner debris found at the Pentagon crash site?
  4. Why is the FBI withholding two videos that may show what really hit the Pentagon?
  5. Why have photos from the DOD Pentagon security camera been falsified?
  6. Why has the National Transportation Safety Board never held inquiries into any of the four plane crashes, as required by law?
  7. Why is the FBI withholding the data from the airliners’ flight recorders?
  8. Why was all of the steel from the TwinTowers shipped out of the country before any investigation was held?

Further questions may be found at several web sites including

  •, and

Many other sites link to these.

Kansas City and Seattle peace & justice activists now forming the 9-11 Visibility Project strongly encourage all citizens and patriots to become more aware of these and other questions concerning the 9-11 attacks, and get INVOLVED today!

Interested persons should contact feduphadenough (at) or findtruth40 (at) and ATTEND the events listed below.

A KC imc exclusive "An Interview with Bill Douglas – American Visionary" is now available (topics include: media complicity, veteran benefits, inspiration).

Thursday, November 20th, 7 pm, Crave Cafe
9-11 Questions "Meet-up," Kansas City, MO

Please RSVP here:;=19951
Details will be emailed back to you.

Sunday, November 23rd, 4 pm
Vigil at JC Nichols Fountain by the Plaza at 47th and Main Street in Kansas City, MO.

Bill Douglas will be the featured speaker.  Bill has authored two books and written for publications worldwide on peace, environment, human rights, and the 9-11 issue.

A teach-in will follow at Unity Temple just a few blocks away at 6:00. "The Great Deception," produced by acclaimed Canadian documentarian, Barrie Zwicker will be shown, followed by a discussion, and a question and answer period on what we can do locally. link:

Friday, November 28th, 1 pm
Visibility ACTION Rally
We will meet at the Plaza Fountain, then assign four persons to as many each intersections as we can cover. Patriots with signs will hold their positions for three hours, then come back to the Plaza Fountains for a short gathering. The group will provide signs. Please bring an American flag if you have one.

feduphadenough (at)
findtruth40 (at)

A KC 9-11 Visibility Project website will be available shortly.



Hi William Douglas [& Kansas City 9-11 Visibility Project],
I read your article National 9-11 Visibility Action. I thank you for your
courage and commitment. I lost my brother, David Tengelin, on 9-11. The Bush
administration's sleazy attempt to sandbag the 9/11 investigative committee is
one of the most scandalous events of our lifetime . . .
Best regards,
Patric Tengelin, Brother of David Tengelin (North Tower, 100th floor)


Kansas City is being heralded worldwide as an example of how to mainstream
the 9-11 Visibility movement . . . at a time when it is CRITICAL to do so.
HURRAY FOR KANSAS CITY (Thank you Seattle for giving us the inspiration to move
on this!).

National 9-11 Visibility Action - SPREAD THE WORD !!
Update: National 9-11 Project-Kansas City Kansas Indymedia (11/16)


Dear 9-11 Visibility Project,

I just called the 9-11 Commission in Washington and in NY and I left a
message for Al Salzenberg - Public Relations for Commission - about this
"deal" struck between the Bush administration and the Commission to edit

The NY office said they've heard my sentiments expressed BY MANY, but urged

So everyone should CALL, EMAIL, THEN FAX. You should do it multiple times
throughout the day(s) as well - flood them. AND PASS THIS ON AND ON TO

peace eternal


Keep me posted Bill. If there is anyone there that would like to coordinate
an Events page for let mw know and I'll set them up for it.

Could I ask you to print off one of our posters and post it at the showing:

Many thanks, editor.


URGENT ACTION - Call 9/11 Commission Today - NUMBERS BELOW!


Last Thursday, the Kean Commission, the only official body currently
investigating the 9/11 attacks, announced a deal with the White House allowing
the administration to censor and redact the versions of the Presidential Daily
Briefings released to the Commission.

Under the agreement, only two commissioners will be allowed to view selected
paragraphs of the PDBs. They can take notes, but the White House is allowed to
view and censor these notes, and to censor what they can report to the other

The deal has been attacked by two of the Commissioners - former Sen. Max
and former Rep. Tim Roemer (both Democrats). Cleland went on CNN to say, "Bush
is scamming America." Cleland has previously said, "Every day we find out more
that this administration knew much more about these terrorists [in advance of
the attacks] than they have ever admitted."

The 9/11 Families Steering Committee has denounced the deal for allowing the
White House to hide what they may have known.

The Commission to date has issued subpoenas for documents from the Pentagon,
NORAD and the Federal Aviation Administration, but has avoided a direct
confrontation over the White House documents known as "PDBs." These delineate
least some of what the CIA and Bush knew in advance of the Sept. 11 attacks.
example, the PDB of Aug. 6, 2001 is known to have the title, "BIN LADEN
DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN U.S." and to cite warnings of upcoming hijacking
attempts. When this was first revealed in May 2002, the Administration
itself with the demonstrably false claim that no one had imagined the
possibility of hijackers crashing planes into buildings. (In fact, the
had wargamed that very contingency on several occasions, including on Sept. 11
itself, and Italian authorities warned the Secret Service that al-Qaeda might
attempt to crash a plane into Bush's hotel at the Genoa G8 Summit in July


Here are ph#'s and fax#'s for us all to bombard on Monday:

Al Felzenberg, Communications Director
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
Office: 202-401-1725 . Cell: 202-236-4878 . Fax: 202-296-5545
afelzenberg (at)


Thomas H. Kean, Chair
Lee H. Hamilton, Vice Chair
Richard Ben-Veniste
Max Cleland
Fred F. Fielding
Jamie S. Gorelick
Slade Gorton
John F. Lehman
Timothy J. Roemer
James R. Thompson

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
301 7th Street, SW
Room 5125
Washington, DC 20407

Washington Office*
Tel: (202) 331-4060
Fax: (202) 296-5545
info (at)

New York Office
Tel: (212) 264-1505
Fax: (212) 264-1595
info (at) and 9/11 Citizens Watch have called for the following


And after these phone calls, there are three things that will happen this week

#1 911 Meet-up in cities around the U.S. (and abroad):

#2 Most important - TO THE STREETS! this will be discussed at 911 Meet-up and
implemented over these upcoming months (including signs and strategy).

#3 MOST IMPORTANT - The 911 Commission is meeting in New Jersey. Details about
5th public hearing of the 9/11 Commission. Please come if you can. The Fifth
public hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United
States will be held on November 19, 2003 at Drew
University in Madison, New Jersey.

All should attend who can, oddly enough, the website is
down now and only accessible through cached links.

To all those who know the importance of this issue:


All the best,

Global Free Press Editor


One of many news articles on this:

SF CHRONICLE, Thursday, November 13, 2003 (11-13) 14:14 PST

Relatives of Sept. 11 victims criticize agreement between White House and

LAURENCE ARNOLD, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Relatives of people who perished in the Sept. 11 attacks
a federal commission accepted too many conditions in striking a deal with the
White House over access to secret intelligence documents.

The Family Steering Committee, a group of victims' relatives who are
the work of the independent commission, criticized the agreement announced
Wednesday. Under the deal, only some of the 10 commissioners will be allowed
examine classified intelligence documents, and their notes will be subject to
White House review.

"All 10 commissioners should have full, unfettered and unrestricted access to
all evidence," the group said in a statement Thursday. It urged the public
release of "the full, official, and final written agreement."

Neither the commission nor the White House disclosed the terms of the
although sources familiar with the commission's work described some of its

You people are DOING IT. FIGHTING for the TRUTH and the WORLD. Only one suggestion- can the part about "these questions, HOWEVER REMOTE" Showing uncertainty (humility??)serves no purpose now. Surely you KNOW the truth by now. We must simply spit it out, yell it out or wisper it out in unvarnished form. Keep leading - we will follow. Dave, Mexico
Nothing makes you look credible like CAPITALIZING KEY WORDS. It always presents the impression that you are TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.
Dear Bill [& KC 9-11 Visibility Project],
Thanks for your great letter. I have forwarded it to several members of the
Family Steering Committee (who helped create the Commission), to let them know
of your support, and so they'd have your contact information for any "action
Keep up the great work!
Colleen Kelly
New York Coordinator
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

PM (Main & 47th, Plaza Fountains), AND TO THE 9-11 VIDEO PRESENTATION at
Unity Temple on the Plaza on 47th St. -- SPREAD THE WORD!
At the Iraq Task Force meeting where supporting this the 9-11 Visibility project was discussed Was alone in stating reservations – however afterwards several other members thanked me for my statements and said that they agreed; so if you excuse me I’ll continue to try to keep a bit of reality to the situation.

First an analogy. From the end of the Vietnam War on the U.S. Government declared that “it was supporting the families” of those by held POW by North Vietnam by demanding answer to absurd question (“Why don’t you provide the body of this pilot whose plane exploded over the ocean” etc.). The government used these questions to insinuate some absurd conspiracy of N. Vietnam to secretly keep dozens of US prisoners long after we knew they returned them all in order to excuse not giving promised reparations. The U.S. “support for the families” undoubtedly gave them much more grief and emotional trauma. It is vital – if we seriously want to “support the families” - and not just use them as props in a partisan political battle - that we are not creating false images of a conspiracy that just simply isn’t there.

For the questions listed above the answers let’s see which answer would best fit Occam ’s Razor:
1)WHY were no fighter jets scrambled to escort airliners on 9-11 shortly after they were detected to be off course and out of communication, per standard FAA and DOD operating procedures, proven to be in effect at the time of the hijackings?
Option A) SNAFU
Option B) somebody called Andrews and asked: “Hey – are you a Republican? Yes? Good – you get to help your party….There will some planes hijacked today – crashing into buildings; starting a war and the like – ya – don’t intercept those… OK?”

2) Why did Donald Rumsfield claim on national television that there were no fighters stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, while Air Force officials claimed that there were?
Option A) Trying to cover-up embarrassing SNAFU
Option B) Trying to cover-up secret government conspiracy to kill 3,000 Americans.

3) Why was no airliner debris found at the Pentagon crash site?
Option A) Thin airplane metal, 3000 degree fire for 18 hours….
Option B) The Government intentionally caused an explosion at the Pentagon by some other means; meanwhile Flight 77 was being hijacked; but then taken over by a secret government remote control program – (I’m not making this up- this what some people actually believe; see ) Apparently ever since the passenger have peen put into a secret program to train them as secret governmental agent of something. 4) Why is the FBI withholding two videos that may show what really hit the Pentagon?
Option A) the pentagon is touchy about these type of things;
Option B) “What really hit the pentagon?”!!!!!! Do we really believe option B on the question before!!!! Really now, what do the families of Flight 77 passengers think of this question?
Skip to 8) Why was all of the steel from the Twin Towers shipped out of the country before any investigation was held?
Option A) Why would they investigate the steel?
Option B) To hide the traces of C4 explosives, of course! You see, there had been charges placed within the buildings to bring them down (nobody noticed them) and then to cover this up they crashed planes into the building (so you wouldn’t that there were explosives set – tricky ehh?).
Of course those planes were under control by the same remote control devices as used for Flight 77. If you go to some of the websites suggested above this is actually the theory presented.

To consider these question a social issue is absurd – an insult to the intelligence of both the families of the victims and the Iraq Task Force. I’m proud to have worked with the Iraq Task Force as we correctly showed that US blocking of Oil-for-Food program aid was causing starvation, that the inspections had created a high level of certainty that that Iraq had no meaningful WMD, and that post-war scenarios would not be pretty. We have bucked the orthodoxy often and been validated before – we should build upon our track record for giving good accurate analysis; not going on absurd insinuate-unfounded-charges-through-pointless-questions tangents.
Additionally this is not THE issue – as Bill puts it; caps and all. I must disagree that every issue can be solved by this issue. Was there no problem before 9-11, before Bush took office? While I have been known to make passionate speeches against the policies of the current administration we will do little service to those we are trying to aid if we make Bush the scapegoat for all of our problems. I will continue to face address the issue according to where I think my activism might help someone’s life, where the statement I say I know are well founded and not simply on the basis of “this is where we can stick it to the Bushes.”

Andy Barenberg
re: previous comments.

I am not (at least yet) inclined to accept that 911 was a conspiracy engineered by the neocons. I do, however, think that it is absolutely inarguable that it was very actively and cynically exploited to put forth a political agenda that wouldn't have had a prayer of life without 911.

As far as whether the families of the victims find more support or pain in the call for getting to the bottom of 911 and the administration's response to it, I am not a surviving family member of someone killed there, and I take it you are not either, so all I can do is a:imagine if I were, what would I want done and b:listen to actual family members and see what they say. A comment above contains this: Dear Bill [& KC 9-11 Visibility Project],
Thanks for your great letter. I have forwarded it to several members of the
Family Steering Committee (who helped create the Commission), to let them know
of your support, and so they'd have your contact information for any "action
Keep up the great work!
Colleen Kelly
New York Coordinator
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Now perhaps they don't speak for all family members, but it looks to me like at least some of them want some kind of full investigation.

Now, assuming the SNAFU and the "Trying to cover-up embarrassing SNAFU" options are what happened, what should the response be?

If 911 was a terrorist attack by bad people and the administration SNAFU'ed, (ie blundered) their way through the (however remote) possibility of preventing it, SNAFU'ed their way through the response to it and then went into "Trying to cover-up embarrassing SNAFU" mode in the aftermath, while using it as an excuse for "liberating" Iraq from the evil dictator that many of the administration helped prop up in the 1980's, then what do you suppose will be the administrations effectiveness at preventing the next "911", and what do you suppose will be the effectiveness of this administration in dealing with it when the prevention stage is SNAFU'ed and how do you suppose they will exploit the next 911 after they go once again into "Trying to cover-up embarrassing SNAFU" mode for 911 II?

If we want to prevent another 3,000 Americans being killed, it seems we need to take a hard look at what happened, how it happened and go out of "Trying to cover-up embarrassing SNAFU" mode and into "lessons learned" mode and do better next time. Hiding the truth might make some of us feel a little better right now, but it makes us all much less safe in the future.
Andy, you referred to Vietnam. Are you aware that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started Vietnam and won over Americans for that foriegn invasion "never happened."??

Andy, on the interceptor jets failing on 9-11. If someone just "screwed up," as you suggest. Do you think any type of reprimand, or prosecution for perhaps involuntary manslaughter might be in order? Nothing of the sort has occurred. But, I suppose in your mind no one should be held accountable in the Bush Administration, because that would be just too "aggressive," to actually demand they be held accountable.

Andy, if Donald Rumsfeld falsified a DOD information site to fool America, he shouldn't be held accountable for fraud. That would be "too aggressive." Americans have no right to truth from our government. That would be too much to ask.

Andy, on the Pentagon crash, there are security cameras all around the Pentagon yet none have been shown. None of the airliners black boxes have seen the light of day. But, it would be paranoid and insulting for us, or the 9-11 families, to demand to have this oddity be explained. How dare we as Americans demand real answers to such questions. And Bush's two years of blocking a 9-11 investigation is completely understandable and anyone who would question his outrageous behavior does a disservice to us all.

Gosh Andy, I stand corrected. We should just all sit still and shut up. 9-11 Commissioner, former Senator, and triple amputee decorated Vietnam Veteran Max Cleland should just shut up and let Bush dictate what he will or will not release about 9-11. In fact Cleland's shouting that Bush's obstruction of 9-11 being "DISGUSTING" and a "SCAM ON AMERICANS" don't deserve to be said with capitol emphasis.

Bush has no obligation to explain any of this, and he can tell the 9-11 Commission what he will or will not give them with impunity. Why? Because some, such as yourself, in the justice movement in this country didn't have the back bone or critical thought process required to DEMAND THE FULL TRUTH ABOUT 9-11 (and yes, I think caps are required here.

Andy, it might serve you well to view "The Great Deception" and read "The War on Freedom" at the very least before you email these baseless Bush apologist rants out.
Please note I did not make the statement on the use of caps - I'm not here to randomly insult people.
Max Cleland: "The President Ought to be Ashamed"

"The President Ought to be Ashamed"
By Eric Boehlert

Friday 21 November 2003

Former Sen. Max Cleland blasts Bush's "Nixonian" stonewalling of the 9/11 commission, his "lies" about Iraq, and his flight-suit photo op on the USS Lincoln after "hiding out" during Vietnam.

During his six years as a United States senator from the conservative state of Georgia, Max Cleland was known as a moderate Democrat. He drew the wrath of liberals in 2001 when he broke ranks with Democrats and voted for President Bush's tax cuts, and last year he backed the resolution authorizing Bush to wage war with Iraq (though on that vote, at least, he was joined by some liberals).

Today, though, Cleland has emerged as one of the president's harshest critics, especially about the war he voted to authorize. Today, he says, it's a move he deeply regrets, as he scans the headlines from Baghdad. "I feel like I have been duped, I don't mind telling you," Cleland admits. "Everybody in the administration was selling this used car. The problem is all the wheels have fallen off the car and we've got a lemon."

Cleland, perhaps known for being a triple amputee Vietnam vet, lost his Senate seat last November in a race that has gone down in history as typifying the GOP's take-no-prisoners approach to politics. The disabled veteran was smeared as soft on terror because he didn't back Bush's version of homeland security legislation.

Now, outspoken and blunt, he's furious about the White House's handling of the war with Iraq, which he calls a disastrous "war of choice." And he mocks the administration's claims that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were allies. "They had a plan to go to war [with Iraq], and when 9/11 happened that's what they did; they went to war."

Meanwhile, as one of 10 commissioners serving on the independent panel created by Congress to investigate the 9/11 attacks, Cleland bemoans the administration's "Nixonian" love of secrecy and its attempt to "slow walk" the commission into irrelevancy.

At the center of the secrecy debate are sensitive presidential daily briefings, or PDBs, that the commission wants to examine as part of its inquiry. Particularly important is the crucial Aug. 6, 2001 PDB, which warned of Osama bin Laden's desire to hijack commercial planes in the United States. For months the White House resisted, and the commission hinted it might subpoena the document. A deal was finally cut last week, which Cleland opposed, allowing a handpicked subset of commissioners to be briefed on the PDBs.

"We shouldn't be making deals," Cleland complains. "If somebody wants to deal, we issue subpoenas. That's the deal."

Republicans say the partisan flavor of Cleland's anti-Bush broadsides are easy to explain; he's still stinging from his surprise reelection loss last November. Cleland denies it, but if he were still bitter, it would be easy to see why, considering he was the victim of a now-infamous attack ad, which even some Republicans objected to.

Cleland's opponent, Saxby Chambliss, who sat out Vietnam with a bad knee, aired a spot featuring unflattering pictures of Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein ... and Max Cleland. Chambliss charged Cleland, the Vietnam vet amputee, was soft on national security because he'd voted against creating the Homeland Security Act. In truth, Cleland co-wrote the legislation to create the Homeland Security Department, but objected to repeated attempts by the White House to deprive future Homeland Security employees of traditional civil service protection.

It's hard to imagine any recent Democratic senator less soft on national security than Max Cleland, a reflection on the unlikely path he took to the U.S. Senate. In 1967 he volunteered for combat duty. The next year, during the siege of Khe Sahn, Cleland lost both his legs and his right hand to a Viet Cong grenade. Two years later, at the age of 28, he became the youngest person ever elected to the Georgia state Senate. In 1977 President Jimmy Carter appointed him to head the Veterans Administration. He later became Georgia's secretary of state. And in 1996, Georgia voters sent Cleland and his wheelchair to the Senate.

In a lengthy phone interview on Tuesday, Cleland wondered why Bob Woodward gets better access to White House documents than the 9/11 commission ("Just think about that"), blasted Bush on Iraq ("We've got an absolute disaster on our hands"), while constructing a viable exit strategy ("They're trying to make Iraq the 51st state.") He also talked about the trouble Democratic politicians are having getting elected in the South.

Let's start with the 9/11 commission. What are your concerns about how it's dealing with the White House?

First of all, as someone who co-sponsored legislation creating the 9/11 commission, against great opposition from the White House, this independent commission should be independent and should not be making deals with anybody. I start from there. It's been painfully obvious the administration not only fought the creation of the commission but that their objective was the war in Iraq, and one of the notions that was built on was there was a direct connection between al Qaida and 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. There was not.

So therefore they didn't want the 9/11 commission to get going. What you have is the fear from the White House that the commission would uncover pretty quickly the fact that one of four legs that the war stood on was nonexistent. So they slow-walked it, and they continue to slow-walk it. They want to kick this can down past the elections. We should not be making any deals; we should stick to our original timetable of [completing the final report by] May. However, we're coming up on Thanksgiving here and we're still struggling over access issues. It should be a national scandal.

What have some of the access problems been?

In May, the commission asked the FAA to give us the documents we're looking for. We've had to subpoena the FAA. We've now had to subpoena documents from Norad, which they have not given us. I for one think we ought to subpoena the White House for the presidential daily briefings, to know what the president knew, what the administration knew, and when they knew it so we can determine what changes ought to be made in our intelligence infrastructure, our warning system, so that we don't go through this kind of surprise attack again.

Now, it's not partisan; Bill Clinton has already agreed to come personally before the 9/11 commission. But a majority of the commission has agreed to a bad deal.

And what is the deal?

A minority of the commissioners will be able to see a minority of the [PDB] documents that the White House has already said is pertinent. And then a minority of the commissioners themselves will have to brief the rest of the commissioners on what the White House thinks is appropriate.

So the minority of commissioners will get a briefing on the documents?

Yes, but first they have to report to the White House what they're going to tell the other commissioners.

9/11 commission chairman Tom Kean has suggested if you issue subpoenas on the White House and they fight it, it's going to go to the courts and take months and months of legal wrangling.

Well, that's up to the president, he's made this decision. I say that decision compromised the mission of the 9/11 commission, pure and simple. Far from the commissioners being able to fulfill their obligation to the Congress and the American people, and far from getting access to all the documents we need, the president of the United States is cherry-picking what information is shown to what minority of commissioners. Now this is ridiculous. That's not full and open access.

If you trust one commissioner you should trust them all. I don't understand it. You can say, 'I'm not going to show anything to anybody, and take me to court.' At least that's consistent. But it's not consistent at all to say we're going to parse out this information and we determine how many members of the commission get to see it.

Let me read you something from AP regarding Philip Zelikow, who's executive director of the 9/11 commission. Quote, "He said the bipartisan panel asked specifically for pieces of the daily briefings that dealt with subjects such as terrorism, Al Qaeda and Usama bin Laden, the Saudi-born fugitive leader of the terror network. Other sections, such as those dealing with intelligence on topics and countries not related to terror threats, intentionally were left out of the request, Zelikow said."

That's correct, and that's fair.

"'We asked for everything we wanted, and the White House has discovered hundreds of responsive PDB articles, and we are seeing all of them,' Zelikow said. 'None of those articles are being edited. We're seeing everything we asked to see. And our request was never the subject of negotiation.'"

Well, the request was put forward, but the president's decision and response to the request was negotiated time and time again by Tom Kean and [vice chairman] Lee Hamilton, going over to the White House with hat in hand several times, meeting with the lawyers first, and then with [chief of staff] Andy Card.

Secondly, you determine up front there are 22 PDB's in one stack and over 300 in a second stack. And then the White House says if you come in, and play nice and say nice things to us, then you'll be able to report back to the commission. And then maybe we'll take under consideration with our lawyer whether some elements of the PDB's in the second stack can go into the first stack. I mean come on!

It's Nixonian in the approach. The approach ought to be, "Yes, the 9/11 commission gets access to the documents, all the commissioners get access. Whatever items you request we'll be forthcoming in giving you."

Why, in the end, do you think a majority of the commissioners agreed to the deal with the White House?

You'll have to ask each member of the commission. A couple of weeks ago I voted to subpoena the White House and I'll continue to vote to subpoena the documents.

Doesn't the White House have a point though, in terms of these PDB's, which I don't think have ever been released before? And that if analysts writing them are concerned they could be made public one day, than they won't be as forthright with the president?

Let me walk you through this thing here. First of all, we're not talking about a prescription drug plan under Medicare here. We're talking about the most serious assault on the homeland of the United States since the British invaded during the war of 1812. This is the deal. The joint inquiry made up of Democrats and Republican members of Congress, they issued a report [this summer], but they couldn't get at the PDB's. They kicked the can down the street so that the 9/11 commission could get at the full story. That's the reason for this independent commission, with the time and energy and staff to get at all of this. Had the Joint Intelligence Committee been able to do its job, there wouldn't have even been a 9/11 commission.

We're coming down to the final [months] of the commission and we're still messing around with access issues. This is a key item. I don't think any independent commission can let an agency or the White House dictate to it how many commissioners see what. So this "deal," we shouldn't be dealing. If somebody wants to deal, we issue subpoenas. That's the deal. That was the deal with the FAA, that was the deal with Norad.

And the reason is principle. Clinton has agreed to cooperate with the commission and is eager to come before it. So why doesn't this White House, which was on the bridge when the ship got attacked, why doesn't this White House want to know everything that happened on their watch so that it can't happen again? Why they want to play games with this commission, to make deals, I don't know. It's information control. It's not transparency.

I don't know if they're hiding something. But the public will never know and the 9/11 commission will never know because under the current deal, a minority of commissioners will see a small number of documents and then brief the White House on what they're going to tell the other commissioners. Wait a minute! That doesn't make any sense at all.

Can the commission finish its work by May?

I think it's going to be increasingly difficult. I think the White House has made it darn near impossible to get full access to the documents by May, much less get a full report out analyzing those docs by May. This is a three- or four-year project, it really is. And to delay and deny at this point is to compromise the work of the commission from here on out. I can't say, as a commissioner, to the Congress and the American people, that I had full access to all the documents pertaining to 9/11 and here's the conclusion. I can't say that.

You've heard the claim, the Wall Street Journal editorial page and others have made it, that you are still upset about your 2002 reelection loss and that's why you are so critical of the White House.

This doesn't have anything to do with the 2002 election. It has everything to do with 9/11.

So it's not some sort of payback?

No. It's all about 9/11. This is not a political witch hunt. This is the most serious independent investigation since the Warren Commission. And after watching History Channel shows on the Warren Commission last night, the Warren Commission blew it. I'm not going to be part of that. I'm not going to be part of looking at information only partially. I'm not going to be part of just coming to quick conclusions. I'm not going to be part of political pressure to do this or not do that. I'm not going to be part of that. This is serious.

You say you think it should be a national scandal ...

It is a national scandal. Here's the deal. The administration made a connection on Sept. 11, and you can read Bob Woodward's book ["Bush at War"]. He's a private citizen. He got access to documents we don't have yet! Just think about that. He's a great reporter and a good guy. Bless his heart. But he got documents over two years ago, handwritten notes from Rumsfeld tying the terrorism attack into Iraq. This administration had a point of view the day that happened. If you look at 9/11 separately you realize it had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein. Except [vice president Dick] Cheney and [Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul] Wolfowitz put a plan together in '92 to try to convince [president] Bush One to invade Iraq, but here's what Bush One said about it, in his book "A World Transformed," which I think is devastating:

"I firmly believed that we should not march into Baghdad. To occupy Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab world against us and make a broken tyrant into a latter day Arab hero. Assigning young soldiers to a fruitless hunt for a secretly entrenched dictator and condemning them to fight what would be an unwinnable urban guerilla war."

Now, this administration bought the Cheney-Wolfowitz plan from '92 hook line and sinker. It was all about using 9/11 as an excuse to go into Baghdad, not as a reason.

What's the significance?

Let's chase this rabbit into the ground here. They had a plan to go to war and when 9/11 happened that's what they did; they went to war. They pulled off their task force in Afghanistan, their Predator assets, and shifted them over to the war in Iraq. They took their eye off the 9/11 ball and transferred it to the Iraq ball. And that's a very strategic question that ultimately has got to be answered. I'm focused on 9/11 and the administration is not focused on it. They don't want to share information, and they didn't agree with the commission in the first place.

For the commission's final report, will the White House have final say over what gets released publicly?

For national security reasons, yes, it will be vetted by the CIA and the national security apparatus. Please don't misunderstand here. We're not talking about releasing or even seeing full presidential daily briefings. I don't care about what the president was briefed on about China. Nobody on the commission is going to spill national secrets, nobody's going to give away methods of recruiting agents. As a matter of fact, it was administration officials who ratted out one of their own CIA agents in order to keep guys like Joseph Wilson quiet.

What's your take on the situation in Iraq?

One word: Disaster. And when the secretary of defense puts out a memo to his top staff and says we don't have the metrics to determine whether we're winning or losing the war on terrorism? If the secretary of defense does not understand that we're losing our rear end in Iraq in order to save our face, he ought quit being secretary of defense. Because all you have to do is ask any Pfc. out there. They're sitting ducks with targets on their backs; they're getting blown up. The question more and more is, for what? And, when are we coming home?

The president is trying to find a reason, now that there's no weapons of mass destruction, no yellow cake coming from Niger, no connection with al-Qaida and no immediate threat to the United States, we now have a war of choice. I'm telling you we're in a mess. It's a disaster.

If the pattern holds for the rest of the month, we'll have 100 U.S. soldiers killed during November.

We've lost more youngsters killed in Iraq in less than a year than we lost during the first three years of the Vietnam War. And people say there's no Vietnam analogy?

Do you regret your vote last fall in favor of the resolution authorizing war?

I do. Because I sensed it was a political ploy rather than a ploy to genuinely protect the United States. It was just an attempt to get any resolution passed so the administration could say, just like Lyndon Johnson [with Vietnam], 'We got the approval of Congress.' And then, just like Lyndon Johnson, they went ahead and did whatever they wanted to do; massive buildup, putting the military on thin political ice, getting a bunch of kids killed.

You were up for reelection at the time and you felt a pressure to vote yes?

Yes. They did this purposefully. I will say to you that I did think that it was worth a shot to give the president of the United States the authority to go to the United Nations and try to put together a coalition to try to find out if there were weapons of mass destruction. And if there were weapons of mass destruction, to destroy them.

Of course what I did not know was that the White House had the 1992 Cheney-Wolfowitz war plan on the front burner. I knew they wanted regime change. But I did not know that the Cheney-Wolfowitz war plan was what they were going to do with and that they hadn't figured out a plan B.

I know you're a supporter of Sen. John Kerry.

I am yes, a big supporter.

Do you think his vote last fall in favor of war has hurt him?

Yes, it's cost him. But he and I were trying to do the right thing and give the president of the United State the benefit of the doubt. After all, the vice president stood up at the VFW convention and said Iraq is building nuclear weapons. It was all part of cherry-picking the intelligence and boosting the case for war in Iraq, which they'd already decided to do. They were just looking for reasons. They kept saying there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida. And the president said it's all about terrorism and the war on terrorism. Everybody in the administration was selling this used car. The problem is all the wheels have fallen off the car and we've got a lemon. Looking back, yeah, I regret that vote. I gave the president of the United States the benefit of the doubt. He took it as a blank check. I feel like I have been duped, I don't mind telling you. But the deal with Iraq was obvious. [White House political strategist] Karl Rove and those guys knew that all of a sudden the president's numbers shot up, so the Cheney-Wolfowitz plan fit with Karl Rove's plan; perpetual war keeps the president's numbers up and we'll cover over any attack on the president and any other issue. So they put that front and center and used it as a hammer. They even put me up there with Osama bin Laden and all that kind of stuff, and said I voted against Homeland Security when I was really one of the authors of the Homeland Security bills. So you can see how they used it as a hammer over members of Congress who were running.

And now we've got an absolute disaster on our hands. And now the president's numbers are falling and they don't know what to do about it. So the ground truth has overtaken the political B.S. and now the real truth of the war, the cost of the war, is coming out. The American people, one thing I know is, they do not fight wars of attrition well. And as Thomas Paine once said, "Time makes more converts than reason." As time goes on, this war will not be resolved.

Now, how does this relate to the 9/11 commission? If you slow-walk the 9/11 commission and keep kicking this can down the road, and keep making deals and denying access, within a year they'll have the election out of the way. So it's election-driven.

What should the U.S. now do to improve the situation in Iraq?

You've got to go back and do what you didn't do in the first place. You didn't put together a U.N. coalition, you didn't get the vote of the National Security Council. You didn't bring along your NATO allies. As a matter of fact, all of Europe is laughing at us and the president is going into the teeth of 100,000 demonstrators against our transatlantic ally, the only one we've got left, Britain. This is a disaster.

Do we need more troops in Iraq?

No, no, no. You've got a have an exit strategy. You've got to make this a U.N protectorate with our NATO allies taking up the political and economic restoration of Iraq and we have to command our troops and withdraw our forces. We've got to give up our oil fields.

You've got to pull out. Don't try to make it the 51st state. That's what the White House was trying to do; they're trying to make Iraq the 51st state. The dream of Cheney and Wolfowitz was you create a base of operations in Iraq and then you attack Syria and Iran. I'm serious. You think this is nuts. It is nuts in the case of this particular cost of blood and treasure that the American people are finding out and they're going south on this big time.

When you were in the Senate you were known as a moderate Democrat; you voted in favor of the Bush tax cuts. It's clear your perception of the White House has changed dramatically.

Yeah, they lied to me. I know they lied flat-out about any connection to al-Qaida. Now al-Qaida is teaming up with Saddam loyalists and are doing what? Targeting Americans. They do have a target in common now and that's the 130,000 U.S. soldiers out there. And we lost two more yesterday.

What was your reaction when you saw President Bush landing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln in May to give a victory speech of sorts?

I'll tell you the truth. I thought, "Oh my God." A man who deliberately got out of going to Vietnam by hiding out in the National Guard and who did not even complete his National Guard tour of duty, now walks onto an aircraft carrier in a flight suit with helmet under his arm, as if he's Tom Cruise in "Top Gun," and "Mission Accomplished."

What do you think now?

The president ought to be ashamed because real soldiers are out there fighting and dying for a disastrous policy that he created. I'm telling you this is serious business. And that has now all been acknowledged as a sham. We're in a helluva mess. And the worst part is the kids are getting killed every damn day, that's what gets me.

I want to ask you about Democrats in the South. They just won the Louisiana governor's race, but the weeks earlier had not been good for Democrats in Mississippi and Kentucky. There's lot of concerns in Democratic circles that the South is essentially gone, which could relegate Democrats almost to a permanent minority party. As someone who won lots of elections in the South, what do you think Democrats have to do to win statewide elections?

I think these states have their own peculiarities of local issues. In Georgia, with the president being 70 percent popular and coming in targeting me as hostile to national security, putting me up there with Osama bin Laden, and raising millions of dollars, and Karl Rove pumping in millions of dollars to [former Georgia GOP chief] Ralph Reed down there, and using Georgia as a test case for voter turnout and capturing the white male anger, the backlash at the governor for taking the Confederate banner off the state flag, that was powerful and it took out me and the governor.

When you mobilize the entire Republican apparatus and you energize it with race and the good ole boys in the South, that's tough to beat. That's the Nixon 1968 "Southern strategy." And the Republicans have adopted the Southern strategy.

Meanwhile, the Florida seat is open now. Bob Graham said to heck with it and I understand that. And we'll see how Florida pans out. With Jeb Bush as governor it'd be tough to get a Democrat there. Georgia has an open seat and you're probably looking at a Republican taking that.

Democrats in the South have to do a better job organizing themselves and not take things for granted. I think we in Georgia took for granted that our base would be organized. It's now obvious the Republicans have set a new standard with Ralph Reed and Karl Rove in charge, they nationalize local elections.
I was also in attendance at the Iraq Task Force meeting where the 9-11 Project was initially discussed.

Of about twenty five people, about 90% of those present enthusiasically nodded in agreement, and a clear majority voiced support towards Bill's 9-11 presentation. The fact may simply be that many activists in the peace community have long held sincere concerns about the 9-11 issue, and are now receptive to supporting or becoming involved in this important issue.

Andy states:
"To consider these question a social issue is absurd – an insult to the intelligence of both the families of the victims and the Iraq Task Force."

Frankly, I am surprised by the insulting and presumptous tone of this specific sentence from Andy.

First of all, to state that this 9-11 Visibility Project is a "social issue" is ludicrous.
The 9-11 Visiblility Project is entirely a JUSTICE issue.

Secondly, it was reported yesterday that the families who attended the last Commission meeting are now in unanimous agreement in the belief that the government is trying to derail the 9-11 investigation.

On what grounds can anyone possibly claim knowledge that the 9-11 Visiblility Project is an insult to the intelligence of the victim's families? This Kansas City Visibility Project has had positive response from and is supportive of the families struggle for truth.
The 9-11 Commission would not have been formed but for unrelenting pressure from the victim's families. Specifically, do a google search about tenacious "The Four Moms" from New Jersey (widows) who have led the investigative push.

Lastly, I am unclear as to what gives Andy the self-authority to determine that this 9-11 Visibility Project is an insult to the intelligence of the Iraq Task Force. I sincerely respect that Andy has been a long time, valuable member of the Iraq Task Force, but does that automatically entitle him to say that the group's intelligence has been insulted?

As a concerned American, the Kansas City 9-11 project is a Noble group effort that I am proud to be a part of.

Jan - You are correct that my tone might not have been proper - I wrote it late at night and then after I had gotten some sleep I wrote a personal e-mail to Bill apolagizing for the overly sarcastic tone and asking him not to take it personally.

What was discussed at the meeting was larglely focused on getting access to the Presidential Daily Briefings. Such an effort would be a noble effort as you state. However, because I have throughly investigated the claims made by others claiming a cover-up I knew that much of it used dishonest journalism and see-only-the-evidence-you-want-to-see style logic to make malicious and unsubstantiated accustations. I voiced concerns of this at the meeting and then kept my silence. That we would attempt to avoid this seemed agreed upon.

On Monday somebody was passing out the deception dollars at UMKC and several classmate (liberals and anti-war) had gotten them. I came across them when the were laughing - I repeat, laughing - because they had followed it to websites that were argueing that the WTC Towers had been brought down with preset plastic explosives. As I waited for class to begin I listened to them laughing harder and harder at how incredibly sily the idea was and could only hope that this would not become the type of thing Iraq Task Force would be known as.

Yesterday I came to kcindymedia that here was an article with the organzation name that was argueing that flight 77 did not really hit the pentagon. This could generously be compared to the style of arguments bush used on the WMD debate: their is no logical basis or proof that can stand 10 second scrutiny, but they can't prove it false!
Out of frustration I wrote the above post, I agree the tone was improper but the critique still stands. I'm not dening the value of the commission - find out how the intellegence went wrong is valuable. But with regards to these conspiracy theories saying the US govenment was behind 9-11; go check out the websites and see for yourself how bad the arguments are; then let us get back on track of ending this war.

Right or wrong, I share a sense of major skepticism about some of the 911 conspiracy theories that strike me as pretty far out. But I think this is all the more reason to demand a thorough investigation. Look at all the theories on the Kennedy assassination - many of them are quite contradictory of each other, so they clearly can't all be right. But a thorough competent fair investigation would have put them to rest, and the Warren Commission clearly did not do that. IF some of these theories on 911 are whacko, the best way to put them to rest is to have the 911 commission get to the bottom of what happened. Give them access to the materials they need to do that. Blanket denials by the administration hold no more water for me than the wildest conspiracy theory that one could imagine. Stonewalling the commission and the American people only fuels speculation that they are hiding SOMETHING, be it complicity or incompetence. Let's find out for sure what it is.
On the issue of "getting back to stopping this war."

THE ONLY reason many Americans supported this war in the first place is because Bush tied it unashamedly to 9-11.

To suggest that discovering the truth about 9-11 doesn't go to the issue of the war, is akin to someone observing an oil fire that keeps erupting, and saying "We need to get rid of this fire, but don't pay any attention to that lake of oil underneath it."

I'm not really sure what the motivation is of those who say "don't pay attention to that 9-11 event behind the curtain." I'm perplexed.

Also, on the 9-11 websites. There are serious engineers challenging many issues regarding the WTC issue, and the way those buildings turned to dust (because of a jet fuel explosion). For someone to insult their analysis without any expertise in the area of engineering is frankly . . . a bit insulting.

A panel of aeronautics experts, including former fighter pilots from several nations convened in Portugal last year to discuss 9-11. They agreed that it would be impossible for rag tag terrorists trained on Cessna's and Windows flight simulator programs to fly at over 500 miles per hour, at low altitudes and exact PERFECT bulls eye strikes as occurred on 9-11. They also agreed that no professional airline pilot would have obeyed orders from hijackers and driven into those building, but would have dumped them elsewhere, knowing they would die anyway.

Andy, to be honest your dismissive attitude towards legitimate human beings with legitimate questions and concerned that many have spent a great deal of time researching and calling on experts in many fields . . . is a bit arrogant.

Since many of these people spent years researching this, it might behoove you to spend a few months pondering these issues.

Bottom line is that ALL aspects and questions of 9-11 MUST be fully examined. Bush & Cheney called Daschle and ordered him and the Senate NOT investigate 9-11. This is bizarre, and should send up red flags for anyone. Roosevelt commissioned 10 independent investigations on Pearl Harbor within weeks of the event's occurance.

Since many people around do seem to share these views I do not want to be overly dismissive - so how about a debate?

You can present the view "The 9-11 attacks on the US were most likely orchestrated by the United States government." and then I can challenge it. My break will begin Dec. 19th, the following weekend or the one after that would work for me.

In the meantime I politely ask you not to keep stating that I have not properly researched the issue. You berate me for discussing the topic with out reading "The war on Terror" or watching "the great deception." I have watched "The Great Deception" and have read "the war on freedom." You suggest that I have not spent any time researching or thinking about the issue; I spent the first year after 9-11 working with Islamic groups in which these conspiracy theories was held by virtually everyone and I had to think about and research the topic virtually everyday in order to maintain my position. I do not just dismiss these charges; I have investigated them and found them baseless and contradicted by mountains of evidence.

So the challenge is up: a debate?

(photo of yesterday's KC 9-11 protest at the end of this comment)

New News about the 9-11 Commission:

* 9/11 Commissioner & 9/11 Widow Condemn the White House For
Access to Intelligence Documents *
As the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks meets in New Jersey for its fifth public hearing we speak with Commissioner Timothy Roemer,
author and investigative reporter Peter Lance and Sept. 11 widow Monica Gabrielle.


• Fourteen new photos of the November 23rd, KC 9-11 Visiblity protest yesterday at this kcindymedia Protest Activities area:;=protests&submit;=Browse

Kansas City STANDS UP to DEMAND an END to the BUSH 9-11 COVER UP
- and in SUPPORT of the 9-11 FAMILIES
One photo of the KC 9-11 Visiblity protest yesterday (November 23).

Click on image for a larger version

It doesn't matter whether Bush is complicit or guilty of gross negligence. Either way people need to be held accountable for their actions (or inactions). Get the truth out and let the chips fall.

Bush has been blocking a 9-11 investigation, and refusing to answer questions. I have been working to support the 9-11 families struggle to get those questions answered.

This has consumed all my time and much of my personal income for two years, except during my anti-war work arranging the radio spots for the anti-war movement, speaking at schools, and lobbying the KC Star Editors, and doing the leg work to get the KC Star full page ad in.

My time is precious. If you don't want to push for Bush to fully disclose what he knew and when he knew it, that's fine. If you want to spend time trying to get others to let Bush off the hook on his obstruction, well there is nothing I can do about it.

But I will continue to work to help the families and it has been a long and exhausting effort. That is where all my energy is being focused. I'm not sure why you don't want Bush to allow the 9-11 families a full and unfettered 9-11 investigation, but that is the end result of the tack you are taking.

I don't see much point in it. Be great if you'd help us demand full disclosure in whatever way you feel comfortable in doing it. But, it's your choice. However, you will not shut this movement down, there are too many people that will not stop until the Bush cover up stops.
Let me get this right: You are refusing the concept of a debate?

You are refusing to participate in an event where you get to explain your position?

I am not trying to stop the movement for Bush to be held accountable. I believe mishandling by the administration led to the intelligence errors that made that terrible day possible. I think it is very important for us to get to the bottom of how those errors were made and who is responsible is a very important task - and one that I will help in every possible way. Essential for our task is for everyone involved to be as well informed as possible; since we have two slightly different views on the issue a debate can help highlight some of the differences of analysis that can help those involved to understand the issue.

If your goal is to find the truth then what damage could a debate do? This not for us to see if you or I win; it is to let the truth win. How about this I will bind myself to beginning my speech with “It is my position that mishandling by the administration led to the intelligence errors that made that terrible day possible …” and I will also make statements stating the need for the Administration to be forced to comply with the commission. You have the guarantee that from both of us the audience will betting impressed on the need for the commission and your cause – it a double win for you.

I’m on a starving student budget, but if we need money for the space I think I could help cover that. I will also do extensive flyering and leafleting to try to get you a bigger and new crowd to talk to. Since I will be bringing in people that don’t hold that position you get a chance to win converts – how is this anything but good for you? How can you accuse me of not wanting to get to the truth?

At the ITF meeting I stated there was a difference between believe it was an intelligence failure and thinking it was orchestrated by the government. You said you believed the latter. You just showed a movie whose thesis was that 9-11 "was orchestrated at the highest levels of the US government" and now you are unwilling to defend that position in a debate? Everything you have said about 9-11 is with the obvious intent to persuade people that the US government was most likely behind the attacks - so defend that position.

Let’s have another event for the 9-11 Visibility Project and let us let the truth win; whoever’s position that may be!

My two cents: One of the issues surrounding the 9-11 issue that nags at me is the report of Puts purchased on AMR and United Airlines prior to the crash. [Buying puts is an alternative to selling stock short and covering it when the stock goes down for a profit].

The media reports afterward implied Terrorists were behind profits made by the drop in the two airline stocks after the crash. Then the issue died and was buried without fanfare.
Isn't it odd that a significant increase occurred in the Put volume of only the two airlines that were high- jacked and not the others? The SEC has the ability to investigate and identify the parties involved. Why have they not been identified and charged?

I’ll bet Martha Stewart would like the same courtesy. She is being raked over the coals for selling less than $400,000 of stock on alleged insider information. I do not know what her gain on that sale was alleged to be---- but certainly less than the estimated gain of $5,000,000 on the profit on the AMR and United Puts.

If you think this is coincidence, I have a bridge for sale!!!
Yes, Sharon, the put options against UA and American Airlines the week prior to 9-11 were VASTLY higher than normal, and vastly higher than put options against other airlines.

The $5 million in "winnings" you referred to were made at AB Brown Trust. AB Brown Trust (now part of Deutsebank), was chaired by the current Director of the CIA, Buzzy Krongard. It is long known for shady black budget dealings, and was investigated by Senator Levin's committee the year before 9-11 occurred.

Oddly, $2.5 million of the "winnings" by someone undoutedly with foreknowledge of 9-11 is still UNCLAIMED.

The current head of AB Brown (on 9-11) quietly resigned 3 days after 9-11 with no media or government scrutiny. What's up with that? Any rational person would ask.

Now, if I were an Arab terrorist seeking to make insider trades against an attack I was planning . . . I don't think I would have gone to a known CIA connected banking institution to do it.

So, who made that transaction at AB Brown THE DAY BEFORE 9-11?? The SEC knows, and the Bush Administration knows. Who doesn't know? The 9-11 families and the rest of America. Why? The Bush Administration won't tell us.

opps - excuse the double post above, i guess I hit reload. Sorry.

Bill - Still waiting for an answer. I think this debate could really help the project. Any other possible way I can make it work?

Aren't there more pressing things we should be working on?
"opps - excuse the double post above, i guess I hit reload. Sorry. "

Call me nitpicky but I would like to post an objective comment about a kcindymedia technical function which should be clarified.

This original comment of Andy's was posted, then Sharon and Bill commented after Andy's, several hours apart. Then Andy apologized for posting a duplicate response and claims to have hit a reload button.

Hmm.. As an editor here, I believe that double posting scenerio is a functional impossiblity. The only physical way that a duplicate comment is possible after two other postings and a significant time lapse is if someone copies and pastes the earlier comment into a new comment, then adds the comment again.

(I deleted Andy's "duplicate" post, per standard proceedure)

First two paragraphs below are from "Media Silence on 9/11"

By Danny Schechter and Colleen Kelly, AlterNet
November 25, 2003
(link at end)
(Colleen Kelly lost her brother at the World Trade Center)
Conspiracy theories about these events flourish because independently verified information has yet to see the light of day. More importantly no one has been held accountable for any lapses or misjudgments that left our country undefended.

We live in a county where crime scene investigation TV shows are all the rage. Yet, in one of the most serious crimes in this century, there has been no official rush to get all the facts.
Are there more pressing things we should be working on?
This is just my own two cents worth....
I attended the Media Reform Conference in Madison, WI( a couple of weeks ago. The consensus there seemed to lean towards the incredible failure of the media and the need for reform (as one might expect at a conference with such a name)as being the number one issue, but with some putting that just behind the Iraq war and occupation, but all pointing out how the two issues overlap. The media issue was put to the very front by many because it affects every other issue from FTAA to the 'war on terrorism' to the environment to the prescription drug bill that may ultimately dismantle Medicare to just about any other important issue you could name. The corporate controlled, often right-wing to the point of ridiculous, infotainment polluted major media have failed the nation miserably. From Bill Moyers to Studs Terkel to Amy Goodman to Al Franken, and on and on, speakers in Madison emphasized how vitally important this is - speaking thoughtfully and rationally they called this issue vital to the very survival of democracy and backed up this severe assertion with potent rational fact-packed arguments.

I don't know exactly how to go about precisely prioritizing which issues rank exactly where, but I for one am buying into the media argument, and most of us who are awake and paying attention believe that the Bush/neocon war and foreign policy are also right at or near the top of the list and much intertwined with the issue of media failure.

And if you think the war and foreign policy are vitally major bigtime important, I don't know how you can think that 911 investigation is not. The Iraq war and privatization of the country for the benefit of Bechtel and Halliburton et al would have never passed muster without 911 to supply a frightened Congress and a frightened public to support it. The murder of 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania by itself makes an issue of pretty major importance, and the fact that it served as the "Pearl Harbor" to justify taking out Saddam as the neocons put things in their own report a year BEFORE 911 ( click on "Publications/Reports"
then click on "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century" dated September 2000, then glance through the whole 90 pages, but be sure to search (hit the little binoculars icon and type in "Pearl Harbor") and see what it says.

In earlier comments I noted my skepticism of some conspiracy theories but I hope did not overstate that skepticism. I have NO doubt that any of the current administration is capable of lying, because other than causing the deaths of perhaps 10 or 20,000 people, lying is about all they ARE capable of. But let's have some attempt at real investigation of what really happened and how it was handled and then we won't have to wonder about conspiracy theories.

Is the 911 investigation the one top numero uno thing we should be focusing our energies on? Perhaps some think so. If I was pressed to come up with one and only one thing it would be media reform. But these things are all intertwined. The war is intertwined the failed media, 911 is interwined with the war. I don't know whether 911 is nummber one or number 3 or number 5 or what. But it is pretty damned important.
See also:

PLEASE call Senate Leader Tom Daschle's offices, and urge him to replace 9-11
Commissioner Max Cleland with 9-11 widow, and attorney, Kristen Breitweiser.
Kristen has been a force in creating the 9-11 commission and is best suited
to replace Cleland. Any other choice will look highly suspicious!!

Cleland was the only vocal advocate for full 9-11 disclosure, and Bush has
now hired him which disqualifies Cleland from the Commission. THE ONLY WAY this
Committee can have any validity now is to replace him with Kristen
Breitweiser who has been a tireless advocate for full disclosure. PLEASE call ALL of
Dascle's offices (4 calls, 1 to each) to make SURE he gets the message, AND also
fax him and email him as well, see below.

DC - (202) 224-2321
Aberdeen: (605) 225-8823
Rapid City: (605) 348-7551
Sioux Falls: (605) 334-9596

Fax: (202) 224-6603;
or E-mail by visiting:
"WHY PEACE & JUSTICE ACTIVISTS SHOULD FOCUS ON 9-11 TRUTH CAMPAIGNS?" A short & succinct explanation below. Please share this with all other peace & justice activists.

Bill Douglas, 9-11 Visibility Project

"Bush has convinced Americans we can only be safe from future 9-11's by endless wars "externally," and curtailed civil liberties "internally". By forcing full disclosure on 9-11 we can alert America that we could avoid future 9-11's simply by the President and others doing their jobs, it takes the fire away from their arguments for permanent war and civil liberty cut backs.

THIS goes to the heart of everything peace & justice activists are working for, and the 9-11 families deserve our support in their heroic struggle for the truth about 9-11."

See to see the exploding 9-11 truth movement in action.
Schechter and Kelly | Media Silence on 9/11
[DEMAND media scrutiny - media email lists below article]

Media Silence on 9/11
By Danny Schechter and Colleen Kelly

Tuesday 25 November 2003

A subpoena can work like truth serum. Drag waffling officials and dissembling politicians before a serious investigatory body and suddenly secrets start to spill and disclosures mount. Dots are connected. Confessions emerge, and sometimes, indictments follow.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were criminal acts, but with political causes and tragic consequences. Two years later, there is much that we don't know about all that happened on September 11th or its aftermath. That's why we now have a National Commission investigating the attacks.

Lest we forget, the commission was only set up because of pressure from 9/11 victim families, and over the stonewalling objections of the current administration. They didn't want an independent investigation at all, and when one was forced on them, this same administration ironically chose Henry Kissinger to head it.

The creation of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (the 9/11 commission) was announced just before Thanksgiving a year ago. President Bush appeared to welcome it saying that the "investigation should carefully examine all the evidence and follow all the facts, wherever they lead (sic)..... It's our most solemn duty."

A year later, what has happened with the implementation of that "solemn duty?"

Conspiracy theories about these events flourish because independently verified information has yet to see the light of day. More importantly no one has been held accountable for any lapses or misjudgments that left our country undefended.

We live in a county where crime scene investigation TV shows are all the rage. Yet, in one of the most serious crimes in this century, there has been no official rush to get all the facts.

If a person was shot in front of the World Trade Center, there would be more of an urgent inquiry into that killing than was accorded the murder of thousands of people in broad daylight. There would be a trial, witnesses giving sworn testimony, evidence presented in public for anyone interested to review and discern.

None of this has yet to happen with regard to 9/11. Is it any wonder that skepticism and suspicion flourish?

Many of us remember spending the summer of 1973 glued to the television, watching Sam Erwin's Watergate hearings. It was public, unrehearsed and very effective. It spotlighted a conspiracy orchestrated by the Oval Office. It helped the public see what was going on in the shadows. Will we ever see such a robust, no-holds-barred inquiry into 9/11?

We encourage the Kean Commission to set an even higher standard. But the latest compromise deal it struck with the White House to limit its own access to documents undercuts its stated mission of a "full and unfettered" investigation.

Commissioner Max Cleland, the former Senator from Georgia said, "If this decision stands, I, as a member of the commission, cannot look any American in the eye, especially family members of victims, and say the commission had full access. This investigation is now compromised." This recent compromise has also been denounced by many family members of 9/11 victims.

The media has also compromised its role as an independent watchdog. Until recently, there has been minimal media coverage of the 9/11 commission. This apparent media indifference leads us to ask the media and our fellow Americans the following question: Which event has greater historical importance, a paranoid Nixon White House attempting to insure political victory, or the death of nearly 3000 people, unparalleled change in U.S. foreign policy, and a war on terror likely to change American life for generations? It leads us to wonder about why there is so much ho-hum follow-up.

What happened to a media that went into wall-to-wall patriotically-correct flag-waving mode after 9/11? Virtually all mainstream outlets have downplayed the issue, across the spectrum from right to left. We are not sure why.

Neither is Eric Alterman of the Nation who did some analysis of the numbers of stories airing on the Fox News Channel, which has built its reputation by stridently covering 9/11 and terrorism.

He concludes: "Fox has treated viewers to a virtual news blackout on commission-related news. And if this has been an accident, it has to be one of the most amazing news-gathering coincidences in cable history." His research on program content led him to conclude that the coverage overall was "closer to zero"

Alterman did credit the AP, the Dallas Morning News and the Newark Star-Ledger for breaking through the silence that surrounds the commission's work. But few television networks are picking up their lead or sending investigative reporters out to critically examine the administration's own case for an al Qaeda conspiracy.

The networks seem too busy refuting the Kennedy Assassination critics to look into the likelihood of White House incompetence and even complicity in the events of 9/11. We owe the victims the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Isn't it time for our media to wake up and do its job if the government won't do the same?


Colleen Kelly lost her brother Bill Kelly Jr. at the World Trade Center. She is a founder of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. Danny Schechter, editor of, is making a film about the unanswered questions of 9/11. He is the author of "Embedded: Weapons of Mass Deception: How the Media failed to cover the war on Iraq." (Prometheus Books, 2003)


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Indeed, these issues are all intertwined, but if you need their connection spelled out for you, here it is: it's going to take abolishing capitalism to solve these problems. As has been demonstrated time and again, the media is simply an industry which acts to enforce the prevailing economic order (like government or the law).

Getting stories we like to see into the media isn't going to solve all of that or even improve things. It might appease a few liberals who think the main problem is who controls the media, but perhaps those who see the connections and the underlying purpose behind it all will be waiting when you come around to realizing this.
'Let's not waste energy "raging against the machine."'

No, let us simply waste all of our energy on this ridiculous 9-11 Visibility Project. God forbid someone connects the dots around here...
Someone help me, please . . . what is it we're fighting each other for? This issue is simply not divisive, yet we're making it so. We're all raging against the machine, in one form or another. Some rage via protests at FTAA or SOA or Washington or San Francisco. Some rage via emails and calls to media and letters to the editor. Some rage via political action, working to elect the candidate they support. Some rage via volunteerism. Some rage via 9-11 coverup protests and media work. The point is that we rage, that we don't accept the status quo, that we don't sit back and do nothing.

I just read an article in the Boston Globe where a Republican stated that both sides will keep fighting until one side gives up and goes home. "My bet is the Democrats will go home first." We cannot give up and go home. We have to keep fighting. It seems to me that our energy needs to be directed toward the critical battle here, not against each other. It's okay to disagree about what's critical. Andy sees the war in Iraq as critical. Bill sees truth on the 9-11 coverup as critical, and Marcus sees working against capitalism as critical. Personally, I believe "deception" is the critical issue, which is currently being used by the administration to a never before seen degree to dupe the public into complacency and inaction--that is, their lies are facilitating the PNAC agenda, including complicity in the events of 9-11 as an excuse for multiple wars, dessimation of civil liberties, and global capitalism being taken to a whole new level! So we differ on our ideas of "critical." And? There are more areas in need in which to direct our focus than we can count.

Please, let's direct our energy toward the need we each feel is most critical, and allow others to do the same. We need all the energy we can muster right now! In my opinion, this line of argument has deflected us from what's most important--influencing public perception and effecting change.

Thanks for hearing my point of view. Consider the words of the old union song--

"Step by step the longest march, can be won, can be won.
Many stones can form an arch, singly none, singly none.
And by union what we will, can be accomplished still.
Drops of water turn a mill, singly none, singly none."

Let's accomplish what we will through union!
I'm in the middle of "Dude,Where's My Country" by Michael Moore. Great book! Just want to share with you that his first chapter "7 Questions for George of Arabia" is about 9-11. Later in the book, he sums up what we are expressing in this string of comments: "What really gets to me is the way this band of deceivers [Bush Co.] has used September 11 as the excuse for EVERYTHNG. It's no longer just to pass measures to protect us from a 'terrorist threat.' September 11 is now THE answer. It is the manna from heaven the right has always prayed for. Want a new weapons system? Have to have it! Why? Well . . . 9/11! Want to relax the pollution laws? It's a must! Why? 9/11! . . ."

Al Franken devotes TWO full chapters of his new book to 9/11. There is reason for us to pursue the truth on 9/11, and these two best-selling authors agree!

See you all Saturday at 2:00 at the Plaza! Bring your friends!
Good to see this movement sweeping across America, we have a right to the truth in a democratic nation. We need meet up groups like this in every big city. I live in St. Louis and would love to recieve E-mails from others in my city.
from the New York Times
Mayor Agrees to Allow Panel to Examine Sept. 11 Records

Published: December 4, 2003

ASHINGTON, Dec. 3 — In an abrupt reversal, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City announced on Wednesday that he had agreed to release records of emergency 911 calls and other materials sought by the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Mr. Bloomberg's action comes nearly two weeks after the commission announced that it had issued a subpoena to New York City for records related to the attacks. The panel said that the city's refusal to turn over the information had "significantly impeded" its investigation.

Initially, Mr. Bloomberg said he intended to challenge the federal subpoena, arguing that the request was ghoulish and that complying with it would invade the privacy of the victims' families.

But with the deadline for complying with the subpoena looming, the Bloomberg administration reached a deal with the commission that seemed to address the privacy concerns even as it gave the commission access to the materials it has been demanding. The city had until Wednesday to comply.

Under the deal, the city secured the right to block out information identifying specific people from any records that city officials hand over to the commission. In return, however, city officials agreed to allow panel members on their premises seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., to review the unedited versions of those records.

The commission's investigators are also permitted to take extensive notes when they review unedited documents or tapes, under the terms of the agreement. And the commission's final report may include statements by people taken from the 911 tapes and transcripts, provided the commission receives permission from those people or their family members, according to the agreement.

"We are pleased that we were able to protect the privacy of the people who were in the trade center calling for emergency assistance under the most tragic circumstances imaginable," Michael A. Cardozo, the city's corporation counsel, said in a statement. "At the same time, we will supply the commission with the materials it believes it needs in order to conduct its investigation."

In a statement issued late Wednesday, the panel's chairman, Thomas H. Kean, said: "This agreement will afford commission staff access to everything it needs to do its job."

In an interview later in the day, Mr. Kean, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, said he was pleased that the city and the commission were able to resolve their differences outside of court, though he expressed confidence that the commission would have prevailed.

Now, he said, the commission can turn its full attention to figuring out what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, instead of being mired in a lengthy and expensive court battle. The commission must file a final report to Congress by May 2004, he noted.

"We can now spend time, efforts and dollars more efficiently, in writing our report and getting the information out to the public," he said.

The subpoena issued by the 10-member commission demanded that the city turn over tapes and transcripts of emergency 911 calls made on Sept. 11, as well as transcripts of hundreds of interviews of firefighters that were conducted after the attacks.

The subpoena was the third issued by the commission, the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. The recipients of the earlier subpoenas — the Federal Aviation Administration and the Defense Department — both promised to comply with them.

The deal announced on Wednesday puts an end to what had become an emotional fight between the city and the commission. Indeed, the mayor criticized the commission the day after the subpoenas were issued.

On his weekly WABC-AM radio program, Mr. Bloomberg said that the tapes had captured firefighters and police officers in their final moments and that their families felt strongly that the tapes should remain private. He also questioned how the tapes would further the federal investigation.

Alvin S. Felzenberg, a spokesman for the commission, said that the commission was willing to give in to some of the Bloomberg administration's demands that any unedited material remain in the city's possession because it shared the city's concerns about privacy.

"We were willing to say, `As long as we have access to all the material to do our work, we are less concerned that we have possession of the material,' " he said. "Access is access. It doesn't matter who owns it or where it is stored."
WASHINGTON, Dec. 4 — Max Cleland, a former senator from Georgia and one of five Democrats on the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, is expected to resign within weeks, creating a vacancy with only six months left in the inquiry, commission officials said today.

Mr. Cleland's intention to resign from the 10-member commission has been known since last summer, when Senate Democrats announced that they had recommended him for a Democratic slot on the board of the Export-Import Bank. But the timing of his departure became clear only last week, when the White House formally sent the nomination to the Senate.

His imminent departure from the panel has created concern among victims' family groups, because Mr. Cleland has been one of the commission's most outspoken members and has joined with advocates for the families in their criticism of the Bush administration. The time to find a replacement is limited because the commission is required by law to complete its work in May.

Mr. Cleland has publicly accused the White House of trying to undermine the work of the commission and of "Nixonian" efforts to conceal important evidence about the government's law enforcement and intelligence failures in the weeks before the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

In a statement this week, the Family Steering Committee, an umbrella group of victims' family organizations, said Mr. Cleland needed to be replaced by someone who is "familiar with the issues at hand and is thoroughly committed to following all of the facts wherever they may lead," adding that "these criteria are imperative and mandatory."

Under the terms of the law creating the commission, Mr. Cleland's successor will be chosen by Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota, the Democratic leader, whose office said on Thursday that it would move quickly to replace Mr. Cleland.

A hearing before the Senate banking committee on Mr. Cleland's nomination to the Export-Import Bank is scheduled for Tuesday, and a Senate vote is expected before mid-January.

Advocates for victims' families have recommended several potential replacements for Mr. Cleland, notably Eleanor Hill, a former Democratic Senate staff member and Pentagon inspector general who led the staff of last year's Congressional investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Mr. Cleland's departure is not expected to have a major impact on the work of the commission, which has operated in a largely bipartisan, collegial manner. The chairman of the commission is Thomas H. Kean, a former Republican governor of New Jersey, whose deputy is Lee H. Hamilton, a former Democratic House member from Indiana. The panel's Democratic members include Timothy J. Roemer, another former House member, and Jamie S. Gorelick, deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration.

But Mr. Cleland's resignation would mean the loss of the most publicly defiant voice on the panel, which is known formally as the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

Mr. Cleland, who was defeated in a re-election bid last year, has said repeatedly in recent weeks that he believes that the Bush administration has tried to stonewall the commission in its requests for documents and other evidence about the Sept. 11 attacks.

He has also criticized the commission's leadership for accepting a deal with the White House that will give only three members of the panel access to Oval Office intelligence briefings that were given to Mr. Bush in the weeks before the attacks. The commission and the White House have defended the agreement, saying it will allow the panel's representatives to see a full range of intelligence reports.

In an interview last month, Mr. Cleland said that the commission had "gotten off to a slow start" and that the agreement with the White House for access to the intelligence briefings was the final proof for him that "this commission will be compromised in its final report."

"We have limited access for a limited number of commissioners to a limited number of these Presidential Daily Briefings," Mr. Cleland said of the intelligence reports prepared for Mr. Bush each morning. "All of the commissioners should have had full access to all of the documents, and that will be the fatal flaw in the commission's report."
"WASHINGTON -- Former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska was appointed to the commission studying the Sept. 11 attacks on Tuesday, less than six months before the bipartisan panel is to submit its report."
AP article on Seattle P/I site link at bottom.

Kerrey, with some relatively recently disclosed VietNam baggage and as an early advocate for taking out Saddam Hussein doesn't strike me as a very good choice, but I guess we'll see.

from Democracy NOW:
Bob Kerrey Tapped For 9/11 Independent Panel
Former Nebraska senator Bob Kerrey has been named the newest member of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks. Kerrey replaces Max Cleland who stepped down in order to serve on the Export-Import Bank. As a Senator Kerrey served as the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee. He now serves as the president of the New School. Last year thousands of students at the New School protested Kerrey's decision to join the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq which was formed to advocate invading Iraq. In 2001 it was revealed that Kerrey took part in a massacre of women and children in Vietnam.
See also:;=Sept%2011%20Commission%20Kerrey

Sorry to Annoy You With This, White House. But the 9/11 Inquiry Is Important
By Joe Rothstein

Bush has repeatedly implicated himself with regard to advance knowledge of the "secret" attacks -- he claims he saw on TV the plane fly into the first building before he entered the Florida classroom. But that was also long before any civilian/commercial station/network had broadcast the only known video of the suspicioius-looking 1st impact!!!

If enough people get out in front on this issue, which is of paramount importance to our Constitutional form of government, the "leaders" will (eventually) follow.