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Announcement: Media
After many months and a couple of false starts, kcindymedia is live! We have the tool -- now it's up to everyone who's asked for this resource to put it to good use.
First, I want to thank Scott Lewis with zerobandwidthcoop for helping us get the site up. He came through for us when we really needed it and I hope we can lend our support to the co-op if and when they need it.

We talked about the stories to post as our first features at the Feb. 18 meeting, but we have features access now a little sooner than expected so give us input about what's of critical importance right now that's NOT being covered by The Star, other papers, radio, etc. None of our committees are officially formed yet, so if you want to help in a specific area speak up!

Stuff Still in Progress
If you're looking for the other features, like the calendar for example, that's in process. Also, our permanent URL will be, so if you send people here let them know this is only a temporary address. Keep checking back cause things are going to be changing all the time.

Making This Site Valuable
It's no big secret that the right wing has taken over mainstream media in this country and is complicit in the collective brainwashing that's going on to convince us that war brings peace, the poor should shoulder more of the tax burden because the rich need a break, bastardizing the Constitution is necessary to ensure freedom, yadda yadda yadda. So do something about it! Use this site, share you knowledge, learn from others and be part of the solution.


For future ideas, please go to "," and or talk to judy ancel. she may be reached at jancel (at)

there is a contingent that makes regular trips to mexico from KC in order to provide assistance to the unemployed and impoverished workers/fired worker in the maquilaforas along the rio grande.

there may be a contingent going from KC to the WTO meeting in cancun in august, the FTAA meeting in miami in november, and the school of the americas watch in georgia in november.

also possible stories will be a tour of chiapas, which may/may not come to pass in june or july.

there are many opportunities for stories with this organization. she may even want to put some stories from our next newsletter on here.

good work,


dave davis
I'm checking out the media centers listed on the left side of the indymedia screen under United States and I don't see a "Kansas City" or a "Missouri" listing. How will people find us? (If you're wondering how I found you, a friend sent me a link.)

In any case: I'm happy to see we've got a spot.

In your Making This Site Valuable section, the following statement gave me something to chew on. "It's no big secret that the right wing has taken over mainstream media in this country and is complicit in the colletive brainwashing that's going on to convince us that war brings peace..." I admit that there's something critical in the air which makes most of us feel this way, but ultimately giving the entire right wing credit for this climate, well, isn't that giving them more credit than they deserve? I think the burden belongs on all fronts. We The People included.

A collective brainwashing can only occur over time, and the process is hastened by anxiety and histeria. History has proven this out as Fact. I know from experience, the only time i'm anxious is when I feel threatened (as this cold war makes me feel now!). I also know that this is the very time for me to be thinking as clearly as possible and seek answers for my questions from as many sources as I can (i'm hoping that will be one of those). I also refer to sources that I may not always agree with. I am anti-war, but you can bet I regularly read the Department of Defense updates at their website. I recommend it to everyone, because it's dry reading- they actually print out word-for-word dialogues and uncondensed speeches. If you can stand your e-mail box being crammed with daily updates, subscribe to their newsletter. This is nothing you'll ever get in the evening rag or nightly news reports. There is no emotional slant, which has allowed me the room to draw my own conclusions. The DOD is about as right wing as you can get, but as far as the details go, you can't find any better source for timely government updates. To be sure, you won't get everything you want to know there, but until you figure out a way to become a fly on the wall at the White House or Hussein's digs, this is about the best you can get.

Finally, and on a personal note, I strongly believe that this is not the time to insulate ourselves from those whose politics differ from our own. Constructive, respectful and compassionate dialogue is more important now than ever. There once was a time when conservative meant judicious, and liberal meant generous. I've never seen a bird fly with just one wing. Left wing or right wing, we need both wings for balance if we want to fly out of this quagmire we find ourselves in today. The push and pull of a diverse political foundation is what made America a fine country to live in. If we're simply pointing fingers and slinging handy little catch phrases, names and slogans at one another during this difficult time, we're doing nothing to reflect our innermost desire for peace. Remember, charity begins at home. If we're wise, we'll take that thought to heart and apply it in our everyday lives. Why be a burr in someone's butt, when you can be a vehicle for understanding and peace in their- and subsequently your own- life.

I know you're hearing me, now if only the President would listen too...
holy cow, wow! i've been wondering if this actually existed for a while now, and sure enough, here it is! why didnt I do a google search for it earlier?... that is the question.

anyway, HEY! you're here! kickass! I'm haaz from the Madison IMC. i was actually born here in scenic Kansas City, though my family moved when I was 5. been coming back a fair bit, and found out just a little too late that this is here. wish i coulda met some of ya at the M16 protest today! ;->

and it may be especially embarassing to have an out-of-towner post a story about it before anyone local does. ;-)

-- haaz!
I'll talk to my global IMC people about geting you on the left-side list. and i'm making an image map of north american IMCs, so it's really cool to be able to put a spot down on k.c.! :-D
Sam, thank you so much for all the work I know this must take. Regarding the peace movement, we are waking up this sleepy, heart of America town. I have never been so proud of being a Kansas Citian as I am these days. We are so rocking this town and I'm so glad to have had the pleasure of meeting all of you good folks! Shalom