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First Educate! Activate! Celebrate! (EAC) — A Success!

Get Ready!, an exciting, new organization dedicated to community education and capacity-building in Kansas City, held the first ever “Educate! Activate! Celebrate! (EAC) What is the G8?”event this past Saturday July 9, 2005 from 7-10 pm, at the Crave Café and Twisted Sister.

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News :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

Demonstration Against Mass Killing in Ethiopia

About thirty people from the Ethiopian American community turned out on Friday, 7/8 to speak out against the violence in their home country.

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News :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

Midwest Says No More G8- Report Back from KC G8 Mobilization

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The Heartland G-8 anti-capitalist mobilization drew roughly 50-75 people from various places in the mid-west including people from Arkansas, Des Moines, St. Louis, and Kansas (and others). It was held in Kansas City, Mo with a diversity of groups from KC there to stand together in opposition to the G8 (Group 8) and the Free-Market principles it represents. These principles inevitably lead to environmental degredation, the erosion of worker's rights and social stratification among the poorest of the poor.

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Leonard Peltier Transferred to Terre Haute - IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTE


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News :: Labor

Beyond the Wal demonstration a huge success.

WMROE6~1.jpgOver 50 people showed up on Saturday, June 25th across from the Roeland Park Walmart to speak out against Walmart's myriad practices of unfairness. #media_860;right#

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Commentary :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

Report Back From the June 13th Kansas City Counter Recruitment Demo.

The demo really started to swing around 5:15 after we rounded the intersection of Main Street and Westport Road. The first to arrive placed themselves in front of the Military Recruiting Station situated in the shopping center between 39th Street and Westport Road. After unfurling a banner and grabbing signs, demonstrators were soon alerting others of their community that they were fed up with the predatory practices of the recruiters.

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DU: A Scientific Perspective

Leuren Moret is a geoscientist who works almost around the clock educating citizens, the media, members of parliaments and Congress and other officials on radiation issues. She became a whistleblower in 1991 at the Livermore Nuclear
Weapons Lab after witnessing fraud on the Yucca Mountain Project. She is currently working as an independent citizen scientist and radiation specialist in communities around the world, and contributed to the U.N. subcommission investigating depleted uranium.

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News :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

Two Arrested for digging graves at MU ROTC

Steve and Lana Jacobs, members of the St. Francis Catholic Worker community that shelters the homeless and runs a local soup kitchen were arrested today by University of MIssouri police for digging graves on the lawn of the university's ROTC building.

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