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News :: Media

KC Indymedia is back online!

We lost our server, but thanks to from many different people we're ready to resume reporting the news deemed unworthy by corporate media.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Support KKFI, Your Community Radio Station

KKFI, the 100,000 watt FM community radio station that started as a Communiversity class some 27 years ago, is back in community hands and needs the support of the public. At this writing the station is in the middle of an on-air fund drive, and Kcindymedia urges its readers to participate

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News :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

As Soldiers Die in Iraq, Cheney Does Fundraiser for Graves

Of course, it was a fundraiser for Rep. Sam Graves. For Cheney to raise funds for the soldier's graves would be to acknowledge that they died in this illegal, immoral war he was so hell-bent on waging.

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Interview :: Civil & Human Rights

Mariani-Berg Interview with Internet Radio Project

9-11 widow, Ellen Mariani, was in Kansas City with her attorney Philip Berg, former Deputy Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania, for a full day of speaking engagements on Sunday, February 22, 2004. The previous night, Internet Radio Project (www.communityradio.ws) members, Tom Crane, Michael Murphy and Sharon Lockhart had an opportunity to interview them due to a last minute cancellation by KCUR and Walt Bodine.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

October Surprise, Anyone?

What do you suppose an administration populated and supported by some of the same folks who gave us Iran Contra and the term 'October Surprise' might resort to to hold on to the presidency that they stole in Florida in 2000?

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Government Repression in Iowa Backfires

Anti-war activists in Iowa have fended off an attempt by a federal judge to subpoena documents about an anti-war conference that happened last November at Drake University.

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Interview :: Peace

Interview with Joshua Holst

Joshua Holst is a local filmmaker who just returned from SE Asia. He started out working for an Indonesian foundation. While he was there he taught street children how to plan and produce videos.

During his stay, a cease-fire ended, military operations restarted and Josh spent 5 months filming under difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions. His soon-to-be-completed film documents human rights abuses in the Indonesian province of Aceh.

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News :: Miscellaneous

A NEW MOVEMENT – National 9-11 Project – Kansas City

Kansas City joins with Seattle to force Bush to stop blocking the 9-11 investigation. Activists worldwide are following suit. New York is next! 9-11 meet ups forming worldwide, pointing to Kansas City as an example.

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