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Commentary :: Children & Education

Students at Area High School Create Underground Newspaper

Several students from Lee's Summit North in Missouri have created an underground newspaper. This is the story of how they got started.

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News :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

KCPD Issues Tickets to Abolish Free Speech

At peace rally on April 13th 4 tickets were given to peaceful protesters as the KCPD works to abolish the 1st amendment.

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Commentary :: Peace

Building on the Antiwar Movement

Now that Iraq is "liberated," where does the antiwar movement go from here? The author offers his ideas...

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Civil Liberties Watch

This is the first in a series of articles that kcindymedia will offer to keep Kansas Citians aware of civil liberties issues, events and organizations in our area.

This article recaps the April 9 "Civil Liberties in a Time of Terror" debate between professors Kris Kobach and David Cole at UMKC's School of Law.

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Commentary :: Media

Michael Moore shocks and awes the Oscar crowd

Is Academy Award-winner Michael Moore an un-American peaceniks who doesn't support the troops? Or did he use his Oscar speech to simply say what many of us are thinking?

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News :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

Speak Out On Corporate Power and Greed

A "corporate Rap Sheet", which documented actions by corporate leaders which injured employees, stockholders, and community members, opened the Speak Out on Corporate Greed meeting. Members of the audience presented their criticisms and suggestions for changing the actions of corporate leaders.

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Commentary :: Peace

Good Germans

Bill O'Reilly said the good Iraqi people are responsible for Saddam Hussein as the German people were responsible for Hitler. What is the responsibility of good Americans?

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Brookside Parade Deems Peace "Too Controversial"

A local activist questions why minors on a brewery float pass muster, but NOW members and local Greens with peace signs were deemed too controversial for the Brookside St. Patrick's parade.

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