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Kansas Education Shortchanged by Corporate Tax Breaks


The Kansas public school system has become famous–or infamous–worldwide as a leader in the fundamentalist Christian movement to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution and introduce creationism and intelligent design to the curriculum.


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News :: Democracy : Globalization : Health Care : Kansas City : Labor : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

Wal-NOT Protests Highlight the Always High Costs


Wal-Mart protests in the Kansas City area were organized by ReclaimDemocracy.org/KC from January through October of 2005. They highlighted the corporate abuse of democracy by Wal-Mart, the largest corporation in the world.

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Interview :: Peace

Interview with Iraq Veteran Against the War Tomas Young

Kansas Citian Tomas Young was seriously injured in Iraq on the same day that Casey Sheehan was killed. He is a member of Iraq Veterans against the War and is an advocate for stem cell research. He was interviewed recently on "Tell Somebody" on 90.1 FM KKFI- Saturdays at 5:30pm.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Forum on Civil Liberties and Security

The USA PATRIOT Act and proposed expansions threaten our civil liberties. A forum to be held in the Raytown City Hall on Saturday, Sep. 10, at 3:00 p.m. will address the issues. The forum is open to the public.

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Missourians United to Protect Social Security Continues the Fight

Social Security, the most successful government anti-poverty program in the history of the United States, is under attack. Millions from across the nation have banded together to stop the President’s plan to privatize the future of America’s retirees, disabled and survivors.

Locally, citizens and groups have joined Missourians United to Protect Social Security (MUPSS), a member of the national campaign, Americans United to Protect Social Security to stop this attack on Social Security.

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Interview :: Health Care

Kim Bannon Interview on HIV test court case

An interview with Kim Marie Bannon from Kansas who is taking the HIV test manufacturer's to court in a consumer protection case.

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News :: Kansas City : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action : Racism

Local Emcee Victim of KCPD Racial Profiling

Statement Detailing the Events of July 6, 2005

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News :: Gender and Sexuality

Assault on 39th Street

I'd like to spread the word to everyone about a hate crime that happened early Thursday morning, 7/14, on 39th Street in Kansas City. This is posted on KCindymedia because mobilizing the community -- or at least making everyone aware -- may be the only thing that could prevent this from happening again.

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