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Full Name Debbie Morgan
Debbie Lewis is a freelance writer, researcher, truth seeker and mother of two. After doing many different things for years, she is dedicating her life to finding the truth in all things, and passing it on to all who will listen in an effort to make the world a more peaceful place for her children and grandchildren. She presently lives in Central Missouri.
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07/04/08 The Odds of Change: A Statistical Look at Our Democrat’s Voting Records
06/27/08 HR 6304 Sets New Referendum; Fire all the Traitors!
06/17/08 Prestigious Breckenridge Film Fest Hosts World Premiere of “Washington, You’re Fired”
05/14/08 Layoffs, Pink Slips, and A Plan to Take Back Washington
01/23/08 Are We Voting for Change?


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