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Re: JOIN THE PROTEST - WalMart High Cost...


>>What secures private property?<<

What secures any of our rights in an anarchist society? (We do – Our desire to live peacefully with one another, and knowledge of the consequences of not doing so, encourages us.)

>>the most common objection voiced by the economically literate is that anarcho-capitalism would quickly decay into monopoly, whether through war or merger. And it's a short step from a monopoly defense firm back to government.<<

Robert Nozick. I’m familiar. I just tried to upload a copy of my reply to Nozick to the site, but it seems to have disappeared. I’ll put it in my yahoo briefcase so you can take a look:

briefcase.yahoo.com/shane10101 (It’s called “Nozick paper” & it’s in the “public documents” folder.


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