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Queen Samyukta

Aside from the simple lack of space and speed, the logistic support had a bad effect: This is where Hindu armies differed from their Muslim counterparts of the time, and this is where major problems arose.
"Logistic support" meant vast contingents of wives and servant maids who traveled bag-and-baggage with the main force. Every Rajput is permitted to carry his wife to the battlefield. Prithviraj carried his wife Sanyogita while going to this second battle.
Prithviraj and Generals lived lavishly on the march, and the attraction of their wives sapped their energy and toughness. Prithviraj Chauhan III between First and Second Tarain is only one of the more egregious examples of sloth, indulgence, and luxury leading to the deterioration of the fighting force. When Ghori attacked the hindus in the early morning hours, each and every rajput from Prithviraj to common soldier were having coitus with their beautiful wives. So they could not escape heavy slaughter by the Muslims. The Muslims had nothing, thats why they invaded India, they stole wealth and raped women wherever they went because they had little or none of their own. They didn’t win any battles through sheer numbers but through barbarism.
As for the mighty Prithviraj, regarless of his lust for Sanyogita he was an extremely brave, haughty and lazy philanderer unlike Ghori who was a cruel rapist who only survived to fight again (despite inferior numbers) because Prithviraj was in a hurry to marry Sanyogita (Samyukta). As usual Ghori relied on tactics and won a great victory, once again the Muslim mentality has been reflected in history. Prithviraj’s large army was completely routed within six hours by just a handful of Muslims. This is one of the clinically sound defeats that only the Muslims knew how to inflict. Though the Muslim army was very small when compared to Prithviraj’s army, loses on the Muslim side were very minimal. There were considerable heavy loses on the Rajput side. More than one lakh Rajput soldiers were killed by the Muslims. Wives of the killed rajputs became prey for the Muslims. Other Rajput soldiers who escaped slaughter by the Muslims fled from the battle field with their wives. They were given solid chase and they were killed mercilessly by the Muslims. Prithviraj himself was carried away by the panic stricken fugitives. Prithviraj fled from the battle field with his wife Sanyogita. They hide themselves inside a cave in a dense forest. Ghori and his general Qutb-ud-din who were extremely fearless ugly rapists went in search of the royal couple. They reached a forest on the side of river Saraswati. In was dark when they found the horse of Prithviraj in front of a cave behind the bushes. They killed that faithful horse. They stealthily entered the cave. Prithviraj and his wife were having lovely coitus at that time. Prithviraj kept his dic inserted into samyukta’s pussy and was pouring hounces of sperms into Samyukta’s pussy and mouth. Though Prithviraj and Samyukta were strucken with panic, they quickly collected and rearranged their dresses. Prithviraj took his sword and fought fiercely with Ghori and his ugly general Qutb-ud-din. Qutb fled and hide himself behind a rock in the cave. Samyukta had sensed it. Qutb aimed an arrow at Prithviraj’s head. Prithviraj was nearing a victory as Ghori was wounded and his sword slipped from his hands. Prithviraj was about to kill Ghori. Samyukta threw a stone at Qutb. Qutb missed his aim and the arrow pierced Prithviraj’s buttock. Prithviraj cried in agony. Brave Prithviraj himself removed the arrow from his buttock and Samyukta stripped her saree and tied it around Prithviraj’s bleeding buttock. In the mean time Qutb nursed his master and gave his sword to him. Injured Prithviraj and fainted Ghori fought again. They fought wildly. Prithviraj again had the upper hand. Ugly Qutb saw beautiful Samyukta standing without saree and trying to cover her large soft breasts with her forearms. He jumped on her and tore her jacket. He made her nude.
He manhandled Sanyogita’s breasts and pressed it hard with his rough hands. Tasty milk squeezed from her breasts. Prithviraj defeated Ghori and was about to kill him. Qutb was forcing Samyukta to have coitus with him. Unable to bear that Sanyogita cried for help. Disturbed by his wife’s cry, he turned his head towards her. At that time Ghori gave a heavy kick to Prithviraj’s testis and coupling organ. Prithviraj could not bear the severity of that kick that too on his testis. But he managed to throw his sword on Qutb and wounded his left shoulder. Sanyogita escaped from Qutub and ran towards her husband. Prithviraj and Sanyogita smooched each other in extreme love and lust. Prithviraj removed sanyogita’s saree that was tied around his buttock and gave it to his nude wife. Sanyogita dressed with that saree. Prithviraj massaged Sanyogita’s breasts and she massaged her husband’s testis and coupling organ. Prithviraj took his sword and kissed his wife’s lovely lips strongly. It was bleeding heavily from Prithviraj’s buttock. Ghori and Qutub were again ready with their swords. Prithviraj fought with both Ghori and Qutb. Sanyogita was standing behind Prithviraj. Ghori pulled Sanyogita’s saree and tried to remove it. Prithviraj was disturbed by this move. At that time Qutb struck hard on Prithviraj’s shoulder with his sword and Prithviraj’s sword slipped from his hands. At once Ghori pierced his sword into Prithviraj’s belly. Prithviraj bend to his knee and begged Ghori not to rape his wife Sanyogita. Ghori laughed beastly and pierced his sword hardly into Prithviraj’s chest. Brave Prithviraj was completely defeated by villain Ghori and he fell down on the ground. Sanyogita screamed on seeing the fate of her handsome husband. Ghori caught Sanyogita and extremely manhandled her. He raped her again and again in front of Prithviraj. Then he gave Sanyogita to his slave. Qutub for his turn raped Sanyogita again and again. Dying Prithviraj could not see his Queen repeatedly raped by his mortal enemies. He screamed in low verbal words about Ghori and his Islam. He cried that Qutb was a pig. This made his foes angry. Ghori cut off the dic and testis of Prithviraj and gave it to Qutub who ate it atonce. Then Ghori told Prithviraj that the pig was eating its food. Ghori and Qutb sucked milk from Sanyogita’s breasts. Prithviraj begged Ghori to remove his eyes as he could not see this cruelty. Ghori laughed and ordered Qutb to demolish his eyes. So Qutub removed the eyes of Prithviraj. Ghori and Qutub again raped Sanyogita. This time Ghori raped her from front by inserting his dic into her pussy and Qutub raped her from behind by inserting his dic into her anus. Qutub pressed Samyukta’s breasts from behind and Ghori sucked milk from her breasts from front. Sanyogita could do nothing but to scream repeatedly. Prithviraj again cried using ugly words on Islam and Prophet. This enraged Ghori and he atonce chopped off Prithviraj’s head from his body. Thus the last mighty Hindu Rajput King died. He carried Prithviraj’s head at his sword tip and gave it to Samyukta. Samyukta screamed and took a sword and tried to pierce it into her belly. But Ghori pulled off the sword from her hand and threw it on Prithviraj’s headless dead body. Ghori and Qutub again raped Sanyogita. Ghori mercilessly bit Samyukta’s breasts. Qutub bit Samyukta’s buttocks cruelly. It began to bleed from Samyukta’s buttocks, breasts, anus and pussy. Ghori and Qutub released their sperms from their dics into Samyukta’s pussy and anus simultaneously. Samyukta screamed for the last time. The last Hindu queen was sexually assaulted by Ghori and his general. Thus Samyukta died due to constant rapes made on her by ugly Muslim barbarians namely Ghori and Qutub-ud-din. So passed away the last Hindu King and Queen and the first ever Muslim empire was formed in India. Even river Saraswati dried after this cruel incident.

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