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Re: JOIN THE PROTEST - WalMart High Cost...

You speak of anarchism as if it were an end in itself. I was attracted to anarchism because of what it promised for society, not the fact that it was anarchism.

I have no problem with a market economy, provided everyone has relatively equal amounts of spending power. The basic problem with the wealthy is that they can spend much more money than everyone else. This screws up the entire method of allocation of resources within a market economy because it means a much larger percentage of people will be devoted to serving the very few.

The result is that everyone else suffers from less resources being available to produce for them. If you want a society in which everyone is better off, you have to allocate resources in such a way that there's enough people producing things for everyone. That can't happen in a market economy if a very few people have so much more spending power than everyone else.

The answer, I believe, is anarcho-syndicalism - or in other words, democracy in the workplace.

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