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Re: JOIN THE PROTEST - WalMart High Cost...

No Lyndi, this article was a spoof, a paraody directed at statist liberals. It is exactly on topic.

If it was inteded to garner support for these capitalists and their website, I find making fun of and baiting folks who truely care about Globalization, Wal-Mart and how they are effecting local communities, to be a poor tactic and juvenile at best.

Seems stupid to alientate and make fun of folks in a community you intend to inhabit or draw supporters from but thats just me.

I take issue with the notion that the current race to collapse of global capitalism will somehow be tamed by more capitalism and "free markets".

I also do not find it cool to visit a local community media outlet and make fun of folks who are working hard in their own capacity to realize a better world.

It shows a lack of maturity and a poor understanding of how to approach folks with an idea one wishes to propogate.

It also shows poor research into the target audience as a majority of us are anti-capitalists.

You'll notice Shane continues to ask why folks are dissmissing him and his website out of hand, noting that he is a shining example of thoughtfullness and rationality, all the while ignoring the fact that the post itself is condesending, ignorant, childish and unthoughtful.

This was never a constructive post about tactics concerning Wal-Mart and Globalization nor did it origionate from any one of the groups here locally working on this issue but was rather a childish spoof making fun of those folks working on this campaign.

Hope that clarifies things.

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