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Re: disturbing the peace

I wonder if the best immediate response to this scenario is to seek to legally exclude pro-war protesters from the traditional time and place of anti-war/KC Iraq Task Force protesters? This is on public property, so I'm not sure if that can be legally done. However, if baseball fields can be reserved for special teams at special times, I wonder if Brad Grabs and the AFSC leaders would think about ending this mutual, conflicting protest. Sure, having both American opinions side by side shows that Americans care and consider themselves loyal. But it's a further question of how you're 'fighting' and what for that really concerns both sides.

I, for one, think that the pro-war supporters should be legally restrained or relocated from the traditional spot of the Let Iraq Live protest. No, this isn't to restrict or limit pro-war/pro-troop protesters, but to respect the legality of the anti-war protesters and separate the confusion and possible conflict of the activists.

Indeed, from the anti-war side, we should not give up on the conversion of the people who think this war is just and good. Yet, they should get their own place and time or stay on their side of the street. Sure, they should be welcome to attend the anti-war rally for curiosity's sake, yet they--as they did Iraq--our invading someone else's sovereign land with immoral means and perhaps ends. They should be welcome to attend as diplomats of dialogue, not soldiers of protest. So, if they want to attend, they should be required to leave their pro-war signs at home.

I don't foresee this being done. Yet, I certainly think it should be considered.

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