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Re: disturbing the peace

I showed up last Sunday at the Park during the Pro-Usa pep Rally with my Anti-War sign..
... I stood in a barrage of insults from xenophobic men, 80 year old woman and Kill Saddam screaming children. I felt sad and sorry for these folks, because most these people, under different circumstances, are probably harmless. Its unfortunate they have chosen to give into the same propaganda mis-imformation media fear campaign that we are trying so hard to stop and bring out into the open. I feel we should stand our ground and believe in our cause for truth,civil rights,peace, democracy and unity in the world without U.S. Imperialism, regardless if the PRO-WAR side trys threaten our demonstration, And who cares about HONKS FOR ANYTHING, were not cheer leaders, this is'nt anything to cheer and honk our petroleum spewing machines about, let the mystified pro-u.s.a.-war heads pep and cheer for honks .. For us, I think, its standing together with signs of Dissent.. This strongly delivers our message.
That We show firm Educated-Dissent against this PREEMTIVE WAR/OCCUPATION of IRAQ and against the BUSH Administrations Agenda to spread its form of WORLDWIDE PAX AMERICANA by sucking Americans Pocket Books Dry . In the end, even if the PRO-WAR Types still have'nt seen the LIGHT, we will at least know that we tried and are trying to protect they're freedoms and civil rights here in the good old U.S.A..

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