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water toxins and self destructive human behavior

Was unable to express all ideas in above article. Something like groundwater contamination and human behavior is too complex to examine without taking a multifaceted approach..

The location of Lockheed Martin's "Inactive Site" in Waterton, CO is upslope from the South Platte River. The beginning of toxic solvent/hazmat storage in 1959 means a few years went by before the initial toxins percolated through fissures and entered the water table in small amounts. Over the next few decades a steady flow entered the water..

The source of Littleton's drinking water is likely the reservoir on the South Platte River south of town. This is the closest source of water for the population of Littleton/Columbine region. If not, there are many fissures and channels that water travels along. The South Platte River is really the only available water source for these two communities. The Lockheed Martin "inactive site" at Waterton is south and upslope of Littleton/Columbine. If any toxins entered the drinking water site via groundwater flow, it could explain the increasingly violent behavior of the nearby townspeople that led up to the Columbine shootings..

The Roman Empire achieved decline after a steady intake of leaded water amongst the upper classes resulting in a violent society with fight to death gladiators and feeding people to kidnapped and incarcerated African lions. These violent rituals were performed for the pleasure of the elite and kept the proleteriat in line. Militarism and increased warfare (both self destructive behaviors) resulted in less energy focused on sustainable agriculture. If a great many people develop lead poisoning, the entire society may increase in violence and cruel behavior towards other humans, both symptoms of lead poisoning..

Ingestion of toxins cause people to feel ill and unpleasant. Think of the Salem Witch Trials when an already overly religious village in Massachusetts became sick with ergot (mold on rye) poisoning. The scapegoats were the outcast undesirables, women who may have collected medicinal plants and offered herbal treatments to villagers. Blaming people for causing crop failure or human illness (then charging money for treatment) is a form of patriarchal scapegoating without looking at another cause. The "witches did it" theory could avoid other issues like hoarding of grain by individuals which could more likely result in an ergot mold outbreak..

Littleton/Columbine always had problems since Lockheed Martin became their new neighbors. Of course the people who work for a corporation that specializes in manufacture of military weapons of mass destruction will not always be pleasant or well balanced emotional people in the community either. The surface exterior of Littleton/Columbine with well manicured lawns and cookie cutter houses with SUVs in the driveway masks a very disturbed emotional interior. This is true of many suburbs, yet the military weapons contracter looms over the community like a bloodthirsty general. This is a psychological toxin for any community..

Now combine this with the addition of groundwater physical toxins that may enter the water supply of residents. A community already experiencing psychological stress now also has toxins entering their water supply..

Individuals all react differently to any given physical or psychological toxin. Some can maintain their health and survive. Others are less fortunate and suffer illness or death. The effect of toxins on the human brain is still not well understood. We do not need any more animal or human prisoner research, we need less toxins in our environment..

The additive approach is multifactorial in looking at all possibilities and their interactions. Certain environmental factors are enablers to certain symptoms, alcohol may increase already existing violent behavior. Peer reviewed research has shown that pharmaceutical products like Eli Lilly's "Prozac" brand fluoextipine has resulted in violent behavior and homocide in teenagers. Most recent Minnesota high school shooter Jeff Weise was also taking Prozac. Kleibold and Harris were both prescribed psychiatric medication on and off. Often times a pharmaceutical chemical medication is inaccurate and can backfire and have the opposite effect..

Another symptom of Prozac/pharma intake and additional toxins from water could be a paranoid ideation similar to a "Nazi" obession. Healthy people are able to avoid the extreme illogic of the neo-Nazi theories. It could then be argued that an unhealthy mental condition could lead to an unnatural interest in neo-Nazi theory despite evidence that this outlook on life is self destructive..

Then ask is there a link between self destructive physical behavior (not always deliberate, accidental exposure/poisoning in drinking water, toxic psychiatry, etc..) and resulting self destructive mental behavior (neo-Nazi obsession, inability to resolve conflict with abusive peer/adult group other than increased level of violence, ie physically smaller victim shoots the big bullies)..

This doesn't excuse shooting people, it only looks at other factors influencing the human brain. Many violent people have tested for abnormally high levels of lead or other heavy metal toxins when these tests are paid for. Most people are not so fortunate and toxicity tests do not occur. The person appears to behave normally so they are percieved normal..

Have left many openings for any number of lower echelon pharmaceutical/military/psychiatric spokespeople to shoot me down (hey, i'm a college flunk out, remember??). Am lacking many details and some information above may be 100 percent false. Some is also true. Generalizations are difficult to interperet, comparisins between different communities lacks cohesiveness. Taking the rantings above seriously is a challenge for most people..

When a scientist discovers identifiable Prozac molecular compounds in fish this isn't something most people want to hear. The media would rather avoid talking about it so as to avoid an uncomfortable stir amongst the masses. It is far easier for the media, like the Roman elite or the Puritans of Salem Mass to locate a convienient scapegoat..

The Roman Imperialists had the followers of a long haired houseless Jewish anarchist named Jesus, the Puritans had a few women who collected plants and ran naked through the woods, and Bill O'Reilly and FOX news has gays, agnostics, pagans, Muslims and other outcasts to throw stones at..

If lead poisoning, ergot contamination or toxins from Lockheed Martin (or substitute any other local polluter) were discovered as contributing to self destructive/violent human behavior, would the masses turn away from the beating of the scapegoat and focus their gaze on the ruling elite safely protected in the military fortified balcony??

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