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Re: Why is KC IndyMedia Being Censored by Chuck Munson?

Chuck says:
1) "it's my job to hide articles according to our policies." The policies are VERY specific--porn, blatant hate/racism/sexism... I have now read every single article on the 11 PAGES of hidden articles. I do not find one single article that meets those criteria. Not one. Nor have I found any on the DELETED articles list.

2) "My actions as an editor are standard editing practice at *every* IMC website."
We're not talking about "every IMC." We're talking about KCIMC. And No, your actions are *not* standard practice at *every* IMC. The sites where blatant control is exhibited by one individual are the same ones that are falling apart. These same issues are being addressed right now in three different cities, as well, now that people are learning that this censorship is happening. For instance, NYC IMC just hid an article announcing a 9/11 Art Contest. What? You bet "NYC IMC CENSORS POSTS" is being blasted to the world.

Last week you hid an article discussing antigravity because you think it's a "Conspiracy Theory." You have hidden every SINGLE article related to 9/11 (except the one that was made a feature by the other editors) and called it "Conspiracy Theory." Bylaws do NOT call for any editor to hide/delete posts if s/he determines it to pertain to conspiracy theories...

You deleted, not hid, deleted an article last week posted by Ray Dequenne, siting "Paranoid delusions. Possibly anti-semitic." Probably you don't know this guy, right? So you made a judgment call on whether others should be *allowed* to read his post based on your assessment of his psychological health? Guess what--I happen to know Ray. You're very wrong. Ray's experience is documented and very, very bad...

Yesterday you hid an article called "DHS kicks off new offensive against activists," posted by Urban
Guerrilla Liberation Front. You said it's a "hoax." So I emailed both UGLF and EarthFirst, to verify that it's a "hoax." Nope. Absolutely valid. I spoke to them via both email and phone.

More than anything, I find it very disconcerting to see a pattern of you removing articles that would alert readers to daily attack on our persons and our civil liberties, being perpetrated against us now by the Powers that Be (such as Ray's). Why would you do that?

Now why, Chuck, would you NOT want people to know about ways the US Govt is harassing people, particularly articles that expose their COINTELPRO-type efforts, so that we can be more prepared to work against it? I find it very odd that this pattern is being repeated by you with such stealth, and believe that a public response from you is justified.

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