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Re: Why is KC IndyMedia Being Censored by Chuck Munson?

9/11 is a unique issue of debate. It lies at the core of the Bush Administration's construct for the 'war on terror' and has led to the murders of thousands as well as potential millions into the future.

This is far different than many other issues considered to be 'conspiracies,' such as UFOs, Chemtrails, etc.

There is a great deal of evidence suggesting that the attacks of 9/11 were not only allowed to happen but were made to happen.

Disinformation directed at the 9/11 research and activist community includes extremist positions put out en masse via CDs, websites, and in slick Hollywood-style propaganda pieces in an effort to make us look like kooks, or by the same folks pumping out stuff on UFOs in general. These include holograms, pods, missiles, 'no planes', 'fake planes', etc.

NYC indymedia apparently considers any questioning and theorizing on 9/11 that does not come directly from the mouth of the Bush Administration, FEMA, NIST, or the engineers whose firms have been paid hundreds and hundreds of thousands to explain the events for the government, to be 'conspiracy mongering.'

It is understandable that indymedia editors worldwide feel confused or reactive when their sites are being flooded by those who wish to marginalize the grassroots efforts of the 9/11 movement with anti-semitic and extremist nonsense. I hope that a meeting with real discussion and diverse opinions can keep the spirit of both the indymedia efforts and the grassroots 9/11 truth efforts intact in the face of such propaganda campaigns.

Some of these efforts have been well described at this page:


Good luck!

- Vic
Alameda, CA

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