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Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

Paris 1871, Chicago 1886, Mexico '10s, Mahkno's revolt in Russia '17-'18, Spain '36, Paris '68, Mexico current...

I'm sorry friends, allies, comrades, supporters, and all of those in between, but that all is in the past. We've seen just about everything we can that suceeded and failed, and it's time to learn and move on. Seriously. Yes yes, Seattle was a major influence and inspiration (not success, mind you) to us all, but it's time to move on. When are we going to start thinking beyond what's expected of us? This isn't romanticism, or on the other end of the spectrum realism. This is the truth. I live in Lawrence. I was here through a lot of what's shaped and expanded into what the rest of the country (and maybe even the world) sees us as. I've helped do all I can do to set in motion countless of committies, orginizations, umbrella groups, affinity groups, and autonomous areas. It's time we considered and reconsidered the tactics used, harnassed, and as much as I hate to say it, "cherished" within our tiny circles of resistance. These marches and "actions" are getting us no where. Direct action is an amazing idea when used properly, but when was the last time you saw that harnessed effectivly? I mean TRUELY effectivly. Especially in the midwest. Maybe somthing new, somthing completely contemperary and fresh is needed. Let's not let anyone "expect" anything from us ever again. I don't know what the answer is, but maybe it's time we all thought about it. Let's not get caught. Let's not let them lie in way for us around the corner. Let's do anything and everything that they won't see coming. Whatever it is, you decide, but don't let them know and don't let the rest of us know. It's good to show the rest of the world they have our support and can mobilize in mass, but let's let them know they can count on us to stop this fucking destruction. This fascist machine. By any means necessary.

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