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Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

it breaks my heart to read the comments posted by Kansas. While i understand the frustration of the only Midwest "action" involving standing around with signs, it sells the Movement short to claim that actions throughout history don't have any progress. What about Selma or Birmingham? the Million Man March? Sam Day's "actions" to close missile silos? What about over 1.2 million marching on DC last year--forcing Asscroft to quit snooping into abortion records at the federal level THE VERY NEXT DAY?

We protest to gain attention to the cause. The saddest result of the G8 protest wasn't the arrests and macings, but the fact that we didn't make CNN with it. This was a boundary crossing first in our little leftist community. There will be more to come. Let the pigs lie in wait. We knew they were coming. They suck at ambushing. This momentum will carry regardless. If there's someone with something "contemporary and fresh", bring it to the table. But let's not knock tactics that have been time-tested--let's just use them to their fullest advantage.

Fuck what's expected of us. We create the expectations.

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