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Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

Indeed Amanda.

The whole marchin' and protest thing and comments from Kansas; it's part of fighting on all fronts. Instead of abandoning tried and true methods, lets expand on them: include some grassroots organizing, door-knocking, phone-banking, organizing our own workplaces, and holding awful elected officials accountable. I think whatever action is planned in the future HAS to be coupled with community organizing. We have to hit the doors and organize people - because that's [people] all we've got to work with. If we are going to build power and create lasting social change all angles have to be covered. We need LTE campaigns to the corporate news (no, don’t spend money on them – use them to our advantage). We have to educate our fellow neighbors and workers. We need to go to the union halls and speak on these issues. We have to build a base where everyone doesn’t look the same. We have to increase power for with and by disenfranchised constituencies. Long story short, there is a movement, but it does need work. We’re talking about long-term movement building – big stuff; but very achievable. I think KC has some brilliant and caring people that will make this happen. And, just because I’m in the arena of electoral organizing I have to throw this in: the fasted way to bring about change is taking control of electoral politics. It’s under our thumb – the only thing is actually utilizing it. I think all participants in yesterday’s march should feel proud that they were apart of something great. In KC where the movement for (lets just use a generic term) justice, is so fractioned off into small groups – you all brought people together. Way to go.

Hope all is going well at critical mass.

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