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Re: Why is KC IndyMedia Being Censored by Chuck Munson?

Shaun has a good point--if everything ever posted at IMC sites was left up forever, it would absolutely become too much for the sites to hold. Perhaps reviewing Portland's excellent structure would be good. However, postings and related comments that are hidden the same day they're posted (or even within minutes of being posted for some comments), do not fall into this category.

I, too, am extremely grateful for IMC, and for the work that the editorial board has put into making it available for our use. That's the very reason I posted my concerns in the first place--this is indeed a very valuable resource, and it's critical that we continue to have independent media by the People available to the People. If IndyMedia was not an important vehicle for the dissemination of free and honest information, JTTF would not be closing down sites and seizing their servers, etc. And we would not be seeing this very same censorship discussion happening re. St. Louis, NYC, Atlanta, and other cities right now.

I have repeatedly attempted to contact Chuck personally in the past year through emails and phone calls--I have only once received a response, which I originally assumed was because he's busy. Further, I went privately to the editorial board two weeks before posting this piece. So you can choose to be suspicious of my motives--I actually value that position and believe we all need to start paying more attention to people's behaviors and motives. While this feels sad on the one hand, reality bites. This class/power/resource war we're in forces us to re-evaluate our thinking.

As a brief aside here ...I've been asking people to read Brian Glick's "War at Home" for two years... it's imperative that we study the techniques being used against us and learn how to deal with them. Questioning people's and/or organization's motives, when appropriate, is definitely a necessary part of that process of building trust.

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