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Re: Why is KC IndyMedia Being Censored by Chuck Munson?

Janice wrote:

"I have repeatedly attempted to contact Chuck personally in the past year through emails and phone calls--I have only once received a response, which I originally assumed was because he's busy. Further, I went privately to the editorial board two weeks before posting this piece. So you can choose to be suspicious of my motives--I actually value that position and believe we all need to start paying more attention to people's behaviors and motives. While this feels sad on the one hand, reality bites"

This is absolutely untrue! I've gotten no phone calls from Janice and don't recall any direct emails from her. I'm also unaware of any "private" editorial meeting. Such a thing would go against IMC principles of openness and transparency.

At this point, I have to conclude that Janice is making this stuff up about me in order to undermine me because I don't agree with her take on 9/11. This is not just irresponsible, but it undermines the work of activists in this community.

Sara: Hiding posts is NOT censorship. I'm a librarian and activist against censorship, so I know what censorship is. There isn't any censorship on Indymedia as we aren't agents of the government. The Indymedia network and each IMC have policies about what is acceptable for publication on the open newswire. When you participate in this project, you consent to those guidelines. The same holds true for any other website. You have to abide by the guidelines set up by the people who run a website. If your post is removed or deleted, that's just what happens on websites. You are totally free to start your own website. Of course, editorial and moderation decisions often involve a judgement call about items that aren't covered specifically by policies, but are closely related to standing policies. I see no need to apologize for my moderation decisions on this website--I've been very careful to stick to existing guidelines for this IMC and practices that are common around the IMC network.

Finally, this whoe attack on me is unfair as nobody else stepped up to help moderate the newswire. It's also disgusting that somebody would lie about my actions and about their efforts to contact me. My email is pretty available and I'm on the IMC KC editorial list.

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