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Re: The Danger of Youth to Our Movement

I think the YOUTH (not kids, that is a rude ad hominem attack) who have been involved in our movement (and when I say our movement, it includes the youth) have added something to it. I have never seen any form of violence at the vigils and after visiting their webpage that a "concerned protester" directed me towards, I'm very impressed and excited with what may be coming, and the way you said they had described their planned internal workings seems wonderful, wouldn't you like to live in a world where everyone had an equal say and wasn't subject to the authority of some upper management jerk, or some guy who resembled the people who women and blacks struggled against (and continue to) for so many decades. Just don't ever forget who the people are who are who got us the good things we have to day, which included the "crazy" youth in the 60's and their refusal to grow up (at least until the 60's ended)that helped to stop the vietnam war, and it was those "crazy" anarchists who fought for the eight hour day in the early 1900's, just think of how much more we could get if we didn't try to police the youth at OUR OWN RALLIES, and maybe reach out to other people to create a less hostile environment towards the youth. I for one welcome any new project brought on by the youth and would love to teach them what we've learned and I'm sure they could teach us something too.

an ex-yippie

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