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Re: The Danger of Youth to Our Movement

a small sect planned to co-opt our rally
according to the KC Iraq Task force website, everyone is welcome at the rallys. they even have a segment on the front page about how the youth "provide numbers and strength to the anti-war movement". so, its not like everyone over 21 belongs at the rallies, and everyone under 21 just shows up uninvited wanting to smash and bash. your "us" vs. "them" stuff is not only insulting but inaccurate.

How will the media show our marches if laws are broken? How can we have the moral high ground?
hopefully, fairly and accurately. they should report that a small group was doing it, as a political statement. as for breaking the laws, this doesn't automatically put them in a bad state morally (think Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela...).

after the loud and violent kids started marching in the streets
my dictionary defines violence as "the exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse". I watched that march but i didn't see anyone being violent.

a group or youth started making acusations that there was not enough "sexual and racial diversity" in the leadership of the task force
i guess a case could be made for this. i personally am happy with the leaders and speakers we have had. but at least hear them out instead of writing them off...

To my dismay nothing was accomplished in the meeting.
...and this is news??

the building will be owned by no one, there will be no leaders... Now let me tell you all something. That right there describes anarchism. Do we want anarchist kids running around blindly in our city?
sounds pretty benign to me. i think we have much more to fear from ppl. in SUVs on cell phones *driving blindly around our city ;)

you should change your title to "The Danger of Stereotyping to our Movement"


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