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Re: The Danger of Youth to Our Movement

I participated in the breakaway march on 3/20, and it was NOT violent or loud. We didn't smash any windows, throw rocks at anyone, or burn any garbage cans. When the cops ordered us to the sidewalk, we complied. The guy who was arrested also complied.

And the legal march was louder than the breakaway march. There were about twenty of us, compared with 1600 legal protesters, and the legal protesters, too, were chanting anti-war slogans.

Not everyone in the peace movement wants to stand on street corners for just an hour a week holding a sign. Some of us actually want to do more than this.

Direct action will be necessary to end the policies of the Bush administration,just as it was necessary to end aparteid in South Africa, to gain independence for India, to win civil rights for blacks in America, and to open the Berlin Wall.

I enjoy legal protest, but recognize that sometimes direct action and civil disobedience is necessary. And I despise how the starter of this thread calls the dozens of youth who attend the weekly protests "dangers to the movement." We are not dangers to the movement, we are an important part of it. And there are plenty of youth in the movement who don't take part in direct action.

Also, "Concerned Protester", why don't you use your real name?


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