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Re: The Danger of Youth to Our Movement

I am outraged at your arrogance by labeling us (the youth) you have become just like the people who drive by and flip us off with out even knowing who we really are. Next, if the "media" (for-profit) negatively advertised us and hurt your dear precious moral high-standard who cares if people shut their eyes to us then they are going to find a reason to any reason will do... as my teachers used to say you cant make an omelet with out breakin a few eggs. also NOONE was violent in the least so obviously you are either lying or werent their.

at the meeting new "leadership" (really just people who stood at the front and tried to get everyones opinion) was selected through a vote and i believe that alot was accomplished we came up with 4 lists of what could be done 3 of which were completely legal all of which were non-violent. next being against capitalism doesnt neccessarily make you anarchist it just means that you see the flaws of the status quo and want something better. and finally you may have experience but you dont neccessarily have wisdom over us there are many of us who have taken alot of time to research what we are talking about we know what are doing. we are the future we are the youth


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