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Isn't this great satire

When I first read this piece, my reaction was similar to that of others. Then as I read it aloud to my housemate, supplying a dripping, scathingly over-dramatic voice, he asked what proved to be an epiphanic question. "Are you sure that isn't supposed to be satire?" John asked.

I re-read it to myself, once again, in a melodramatic interpretation. It became clear to me. Someone has crafted an incredibly sophisticated and satirical commentary on the reactionary liberal elements within the peace and justice movement. My lauds and many kudos to 'Concerned Protestor'. You are a worthy successor to Moliere.

Of course, it is possible that this is not meant as satire at all. In that case, I would like to make the following points.

1) One presumes to teach, but does not even bother to check one's work for spelling, grammar, and usage errors. What example is that for youth? What kind of message is being sent to youth when one does not even take the time to express oneself well?

2) One apparently supposes that everyone interested in actions different from the tactics dictated by THE KC Iraq Task Force is a threat.

3) This piece is, as noted above filled with ad hominem attacks. Isn't it the policy of the kcindymedia editorial committee to prevent such attacks?

4) Does the author of this piece mean to suggest that we set up some sort of 'peace police' to enforce the party line of acceptable behavior like some kind of 'Gang of Four' in a neo-cultural revolution?

5) The way I understand it, the only illegality was in deciding against getting a 'parade permit' from the police which would have required payment to the city of a minimum of $1,000 for 'police overtime-pay' so that the police could block off the streets, thus diluting the efficacy of any message.

6) I might be inlined to agree with the author about the article cited, were I willing to overlook the factual errors, ad hominem attacks, and failure on the part of the cited author to verify or speak with any of the people arrested by the police on 13 April.

I might go on at much futher length, but I would not wish to be seen as attacking in my speech or response to this piece. Besides, it would be like shooting so many fish in a barrel.

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