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Re: Kim Bannon Interview on HIV test court case

Thank you for your response, Mr. Szczubelek, if that is your real name ;). I'm not denying that money talks. Indeed, on her website she claims to have sold her house for $210,000, which she claims elsewhere was "to finance this lawsuit." Additionally, if this case is successful, it has the potential to result in a substantial punitive settlement. I just don't see how Ms. Bannon can claim that money is an obstacle without explaining those two things.

as for "doing myself a favor" and learning more about the actual subject matter, I am quite familiar with this subject matter. For one, a scientific paradigm (such as the theory that HIV causes AIDS) is never changed by simply "questioning" it. It takes research, and as of yet, I have seen no research that has supported the view held by Ms. Bannon. Dispite what some opponents of the HIV theory of AIDS might say, it is not enough to simply attack the research that has been done so far. New research must be done to test a new theory, and that theory must do a better job explaining what has been observed so far than does our current paradigm. Until that happens, the "HIV doesn't cause AIDS" crowd is just spinning their wheels.

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