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Re: Kim Bannon Interview on HIV test court case

Forgive my incredulity, Mr. Szczubelek. It just seemed like quite a coincidence that you would come across this obscure article just days after I mentioned your name. You have to admit it would be easy for someone else to come along and claim to be you. That is just one of the reasons I choose not to reveal my full name on boards such as this, which is my right. I feel that my arguments are fully capable of standing without my surname's support.

But none of that is important.

I never said I opposed the funding of researching alternate hypotheses of AIDS causation. By all means, I wish someone would do it so we could put an end to this so-called "debate." My whole point is that if AIDS is caused by something other than HIV it should be easy to prove, but so far the only "evidence" I have seen has come in the form of attacks on other people's research. I encourage the questioning of established theories, as should any good scientist, but simply questioning is not enough if a change is to take place.

I feel you are misconstruing my "attack" on Ms Bannon. My real critique is of Mr. Crilly, who missed the opportunity to answer questions like the one I had. Perhaps Ms Bannon has a perfectly reasonable answer to the question I have raised, but that question was never asked of her. That's where my complaint lies.

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