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Re: Indian PM visited Muslim grave of Babur , but not Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan was a very handsome rajput king of north India during the latter half of the 12th century. He was born in 1168. He became the king at the age of 11 and ruled North India from his twin capitals, Delhi and Ajmer. He loved a beautiful princess, Sanyogita, the princess of Kanauj. She too loved this handsome king. Sanyogita was born in 1172A.D. Prithiviraj was a romantic and an extremely handsome person. Through several invasions he captured many neighboring kingdoms with his massive army. Samyukta was sexy, lovely and very beautiful Princes. Prithviraj defeated Muhammed Ghori, the ugly and cruel sultan of Afghanistan, during his attack on Prithviraj’s Fort. Ghori's force had only 10,000 soldiers in horses. But Prithviraj's army consists 3,00,000 horses, 30,000 elephants and 30,00,000 warriors. So Prithviraj was able to defeate Ghori this time. Ghori was born in 1149A.D. Soon after this battle Prithviraj eloped with Sanyogita and married her. This handsome king lost himself in his wife's beauty and love. Prithviraj never left his harem and was always having sex with his lovely wife. When Prithvi heard that Ghori was again raiding his country to rape and secure Prithvi's sexy wife, Prithviraj got alarmed and raised the strength of his army tremendously with the allies, Jayachandra his father-in-law and king of Kannouj and Bhima, his brother-in-law and the king of Gujarat, and defeated the Afghan invasion. In this second battle Prithviraj's forces had 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants and 50,00,000 warriors. But Ghori's forces had only 5,000 warriors in horses. Also Prithviraj fort was very strong. So haughty Prithviraj's fort could not be captured. In the night, when the Rajputs were enjoying their double victory with their wives, they were double crossed by the Muslim army of Ghori. Both the Rajputs and their wives were maltreated. The penis of all the 50,00,000 stout hindu rajput soldiers were cut off by the mighty Muslims in the same night. All the stout sexy wives of the rajput soldiers were raped again and again by the Muslims in front of their husbands in that night. All the rajput soldiers were killed by Muslims and their wives killed themselves. In the same night Ghori attacked Prithviraj in his harem. Prithviraj and his wife Sanyogita were having lovely sex in their bed. They were naked even without small piece of cloth. Prithviraj kept his penis inserted into Samyukta's vagina and was pouring hounces of sperm into his wife's vagina and mouth. The Haughty king was strucken with panic when he saw Ghori in his harem. In the mortal combat that followed Prithviraj was diastrously defeated and his penis was cut off by Ghori and was finally killed by Ghori. Soon Queen Sanyogita commited suicide as Ghori raped her again and again. Even the infant child of Prithviraj was killed by the Afghan invader. Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu ruler of Delhi. Thus the whole north India came under the Muslim Rule. The Indians should be beware of Pakistanis. Otherwise they will be killed like their hero Prithviraj.

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