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Penis of Prithviraj Chauhan and Breasts of Samyukta

Prithviraj chauhan
Prithviraj chauhan was the ruler of most of north india during the end of 12th century. At that time north India did not have any connections with south India and remained as separate region. Prithviraj chauhan was born on 1168A.D. His fathers name was someshwara chauhan and his mother’s name was karpuravalli. Prithviraj became king after his father’s death in 1178A.D. at the age of ten. He ruled from 1178-1192A.D. He hated the muslims. He was very handsome and sexy king. He loved samyuktha, the princess of kanouj. Samyuktha was his uncle’s daughter. Samyuktha was very beautiful and sexy princess. She was born on 1172A.D. She was the one and only daughter of king jayachandra. Jaichandra was the king of kanouj from 1168A.D. He became the king of kanouj at the age of 20. Samyuktha also loved prithviraj so much. But her father Jaichandra hated Prithviraj. Pritiviraj was a romantic and lovely person. After ceaseless military campaigns, Pritiviraj extended his original kingdom of Sambhar (Shakambara) to Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Eastern Punjab. He ruled from his twin capitals at Delhi and Ajmer. Pithoragarh was the name of Prithviraj’s capitals. Muhammed Ghori became the sultan of Ghazni in 1168A.D. at the age of 18 and he was in charge of his brother. He hated rajputs and the hindus as they were infidel. When Prithviraj was ruling north India, Muhammed Ghori, the Muslim sultan from Ghazni, in Afghanistan invaded India in 1191 A.D. in the month of January. Ghori had cruel face and structure. He was a terrorist, tyrant and a rapist. Prithviraj with 30,00,000 horses, 30,000 elephants and with 3,00,00,000 foot warriors went to fight Ghori's army which was just 1,00,000 in number. There was a bloody battle in the battlefield of tarain. Muslims killed more than one million rajputs but 75,000 muslims were killed by rajputs. Ghori advanced towars prithviraj to kill him. But he was wounded by prithviraj's vanguards. So the muslims fled away from the battlefield. Though ghori was wounded by rajputs he managed to escape from the battlefield. Rajput army chased them but they could not capture the muslims. Because muslim horses were lean and fast. But rajput horses were stout and slow when compared to muslim horses. Thus the rajputs won the first battle only by sheer number of weight. Though prithviraj was physically soft and much weaker than ghori, he defeated ghori by the numerical strength in his army. Haughty Jaichandra got wind of Samyuktha’s love for prithviraj and he decided to teach his daughter and her upstart lover a lesson. So he arranged a Swayamwara (a ceremony where a bride can select her husband from the assembled princes. She had the right to garland any prince and she became his queen. This is an ancient Hindu custom among Royalty). Jaichandra invited all the big and small princes of the country to Kannauj for the royal Swayamwara. But he deliberately ignored Prithiviraj. To add insult to injury, he even made a statue of Prithiviraj and kept him as a dwarpala (doorman). Prithviraj got to know of this and he confided his plans to his lover. On the said day, Sanyogita walked down the aisle where the royals had assembled and bypassed all of them only to reach the door and garland the statue of Pritiviraj as a doorman. The assemblage was stunned at this brash act of hers. But what stunned them and her father Jaichandra was the next thing that happened. Prithiviraj who was hiding behind the statue, also in the garb of a doorman, whisked Sanyogita away and put her up on his steed to make a fast getaway to his capital at Delhi.
Soon Prithviraj and Samyuktha reached delhi. Then prithviraj married samyuktha. During their marriage Prithviraj was at the age of 21 and samyuktha was at the age of 17. Samyuktha was the one and only wife of Prithviraj. This incident also took place in January 1191 A.D. within a week after the first battle. There was great enjoyment in India. Prithviraj and samyuktha had their first-night on the same day of their marriage. In their first-night samyuktha was waiting in their harem. The harem was decorated like heaven. Prithviraj entered the first-night room. Samyuktha touched his feet as a custom and respect. Prithviraj hold and raised her up. Prithviraj kissed her lips and they fell in their bed. They forget everything. Prithviraj removed the jacket and saree of samyuktha. Samyuktha and Prithviraj fucked each other. They became naked and enjoyed each oter. Prithviraj inserted his penis into samyuktha’s vagina and released his sperm. Samyuktha and Prithviraj never had such enjoyment before. Prithviraj released his sperm 100 times on that day into samyuktha’s vagina. Samyuktha lost herself in Prithviraj’s love. Samyuktha was conceived by prithviraj in their first-night itself. Such was the potency of Prithviraj and Samyuktha. In next three months Prithviraj came to know that Samyuktha was pregnant and he was going to become father there was great rejoice in India. That night Prithviraj again had a very long sex with his wife. He poured his sperm into samyuktha’s mouth many times. Samyuktha and Prithviraj fucked each other many times that day. Prithviraj and Samyuktha lost themselves in their love and lust. They never left their harem. They continued their honeymoon endlessly. Prithviraj kept his penis always inserted into samyuktha’s vagina. Prithviraj released his sperm as soon as he inserted his penis into samyuktha’s vagina. Such was the love, lust and potency of Samyuktha and Prithviraj. He often fucked all parts of samyuktha’s body. His favourite fucking parts were samyuktha’s breasts, buttocks, clitoris and vagina. Samyuktha too often fucked her husband’s penis as she liked it most. They were delighted with each other’s company. They enjoyed with each other both physically and mentally. Samyuktha’s vagina was filled by prithviraj’s sperm minimum 16 times a day. Samyuktha had the full control on prithviraj. She tied the king with her by her beauty, love, infatuation and lust. Soon samyuktha gave birth to a handsome male child. This incident took place in November 1191 A.D. After this incident jaichandra also united with prithviraj. Now whole north india came under prithviraj.As prithviraj was enjoying in India, ghori worked hard and practiced well for the battle again. He punished the soldiers who escaped from the battle- field and pledged to kill the rajputs. Ghori hated love and he never liked sex and wife. So he had no child. But he was lusted towards beautiful rajput women. This was one of the reasons for his invasion on India. King prithviraj and queen samyuktha ruled the whole north india with peace love and wealth. Prithviraj continued his enjoyment with his wife. He stayed always with his wife in the harem and never practised for the battle. Samyuktha’s large beautiful breasts secreted more milk as she gave birth to the child. She gave her breast milk not only to her child but also to her husband. Prithviraj drank Samyuktha’s breast milk daily by sucking her breasts. Like their king the Rajputs also enjoyed with their wives and not practised for the battle. Ghori got the news of prithviraj’s marriage, love and lust. He also heard about prithvi’s loving, beautiful and sexy wife. He lusted towards samyuktha and decided to secure her at any cost. He thought that it was the right time to invade India.
So cruel ghori again invaded India again. This time his aim was not to conquer india but to rape Queen Samyuktha. Alarmed by this news prithviraj further increased the strength of his army. His army now consists of 50,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants and 5,00,00,000 foot warriors. Though he increased the number of warriors in his army he did not practiced for war. He continued to have sex with his wife and so samyuktha again conceived. This incident took place in December 1191 A.D. Before going to the war he enjoyed that night with his wife completely. Then with this mighty army he again met ghori in same battlefield. Ghori's army consists of just 10,000 warriors. The second battle took place in January 1192 A.D. The gurids had insufficiency of armour as their was great demand for steel in their country. They did not have steel even to make bows. So they used composite bows made of bones and horns of animals. But rajputs had large quantity of quality armour has they had good steel resource. Even in armour muslims were much behind the rajputs. Thus the rajput had advantage both in numerical strength and in armour.

In the battle that followed rajputs fought with number and muslims with courage. Thus in the battle ill-practised rajputs were greatly massacred by ghori's cruel warriors. Though the rajputs were able to resist the muslims in the beginning, soon they became tired as they wasted their seminal energy during sex with their wives. The battle continued all the day from sunrise to sunset. At evening Ghori with his best 12,500 warriors attacked rajputs. In this final charge the rajput bodies were torn into pieces. The rajputs fell to the Muslims like deer before cheetah. More than 35,00,000 rajput soldiers were killed in the battle field. Afraid to fight turkish army prithviraj dismounted his elephant and ran away from the battle field with his horse. Others also ran away from the battle-field. They were given solid chase and they were killed. Ghori chased Prithviraj and captured him after killing his horse. The next day, Prithvi was taken to his capital ajmer. Since all the rajput soldiers were killed by ghurids the message of the defeate did not reach Prithvi’s fort in ajmer soon. Ghori knew that the rajput women would perform jauhar. So he advanced quickly to capture them. As expected chauhan women were unaware of their defeate, dressed beautifully and awaiting for their victorious husbands. When the ghurids entered the fort they did not know what to do. All the chauhan women fell into the hands of ghurids. Samyuktha was about to perform jauhar but she was captured by Ghori before that. Samyuktha was pregnant(3 months) at that time. Ghori was amazed at her beauty. He had never seen such beautiful women in his life. There in ajmer, on the same day, Prithviraj and samyuktha were tied separately face to face. Ghori kissed samyuktha’s lips and breasts. She cried for help. Prithviraj shouted at Ghori with ugly words and challenged him for a head to head mortal combat. Ghori agreed for the fight. In the fight that followed in front of samyuktha prithviraj was disastrously defeated and fainted by the blows of ghori. Prithviraja’s penis was cut off by ghori and then Ghori crushed prithviraj’s reproductive organ. Ghori then ate the penis of prithvi that was cutoff by him and chewed the testis of prithviraj that was crushed by him. Then he blinded Prithviraj chauhan. After giving these cruel punishments to rai pitharo, Ghori beheaded prithviraj with a single blow from his sword. Seeing the fate of her handsome husband samyuktha fainted and fell down. Thus ghori killed prithviraj in the very next day after the battle. Samyuktha looked even more beautiful as she was pregnant. Ghori carried samyuktha to his bed. Ghori tored and removed her dresses by force and made her naked. He even more wondered when he saw her largest breasts and buttocks. He sprang on her and cruelly raped her again and again. Her breasts, buttocks, clitoris and vagina were bitten by ghori. Those sacred beautiful organs of Rani Samyuktha which were fucked only by Raja Prithviraj chauhan were now made impure by ghori. Ghori even drank the milk of samyuktha’s breast. Ghori chewed samyuktha’s breasts. He also poured his sperm into samyuktha’s mouth. Ghori inserted his penis into samyuktha’s holy vagina and released his impure sperm in it. Thus the pure reproductive organ of samyuktha which enjoyed prithviraj’s company was made impure by ghori. The beautiful and charming empress who loved her husband too much was unable to bear these disgraces made to her by cruel ghori. She soon escaped secretly from ghori, took poison and jumped into the fire and killed herself and reached heaven with her lord. Ghori became very much angry and disappointed as he missed samyuktha. He killed the newborn infant of prithviraj cruelly. The penis of all the rajput men was cut off and they were killed. All rajput women were raped and their breasts were burnt and their vagina was cruelly wounded. Their children were made slaves. Most of the women who were raped by muslims killed themselves. All men, women and children of chauhan’s were killed. Women of chauhan family were cruelly raped like samyuktha before they killed themselves. In the second battle not even a single muslim was wounded or killed. But in the other hand all the rajput soldiers were killed by muslims cruelly. This was the only battle in history in which the army with most numerical superiority than the enemy was completely routed and killed within a day by the enemy. Thus due to prithviraj's infatuation, love and lust towars his wife samyuktha the whole north india was destroyed by cruel ghori. Thus 23 years old Prithviraj was killed by 43 years old Ghori and 19 years old Samyuktha killed herself as she was raped by Ghori. Thus handsome, over confident, lovable and haughty emperor prithviraj chauhan and his beautiful wife samyuktha were killed by cruel and tyrant sultan ghori.

When Ghori killed Prithviraj and captured his fort, A worse fate overtook the Hindu women at his fort. Women with babies and pregnant ladies were haltered, manacled, fettered and chained, and pressed as slaves into service of every soldier. In a short space of time all the people in the fort were put to the sword, and in the course of one hour the heads of 1,00,000 infidels were cut off. The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels, and all the goods and effects, the treasure and the grain which for many a long year had been stored in the fort became the spoils of Ghori’s soldiers. They set fire to the houses and reduced them to ashes, and they razed the buildings and the fort to the ground. The fort was sacked and all the infidel Hindus were slain, their wives and children were made prisoners and their property and goods became the spoils of the victors. He directed his soldiers to "plunder and destroy and kill everyone whom they met". "And so the soldiers plundered every house, killed the men, and carried a number of Hindu prisoners, both male and female." Ghori forcibly circumcised thousands of Hindus and compelled them to eat cow-meat, a monstrous act of impiety. He seized two thousand rajput women of chauhan’s harem and delivered them to his troops to rape. Thousands of hindus died that night. Moslem troops attacked the rajput girls. Stripping them naked, the troops raped, bayoneted, and murdered lovely rajput girls. Dozens of girls jumped to their death from the roof of the building rather than suffer the fate of their sisters. The captured rajput women, all of them were paraded in front of Ghori, naked or scantily clad, so that their leader could make his choice. Ghori and his men then forced the Hindu women to come out in the streets completely naked and took out a procession. No chadors or veils for kafir women. Hindu women were taken captives and kept in the army barracks without clothes for the enjoyment of the 'believers'. Kafir women are to be treated as slaves of Moslems and the treatment is clearly indicated in the Koran and the Hadis. Kidnapping of Hindu women by Moslem gangs was then became a common feature in India. This led to many riots and many rajput lives were lost. It became practically impossible for Hindu girls to go out alone in the streets to attend to daily chores without being teased, insulted or kidnapped by the Moslem ruffians. The Turks were responsible for the torture, robbery, slaughter and rape of thouands of Rajputs.
The marauding Bashigazouks of this mad sultan Ghori were notorious for running down and ravishing women and girls while on horse-back. All rajput males who fell into their hands were forcibly circumcised and sodomized.The mad Ghori built a pyramid of the skulls of the rajput army. In a well near by, they threw the sex organs of the infidels. About 30,00,000 rajput soldiers were thus butchered. The Rajput soldiers who fell into the hands of the followers of Allah, had their ..... cut off for every true believer had to destroy the generative power of the infidel before he could gain admittance into Allah's paradise. Castration of the infidel was not only an act of piety for the Moslems but one of shame to the kafir. The infidel's head was severed and placed between his thighs, the seat of dishonor. Ghori and his turks insulted the Rajputs cruelly. Captive chauhans were also tortured by infibulation or artificial phimosis (mobri, muzzling), elongation of the prepuce or foreskin and constriction of the orifice, a painful punishment. With the chauhan women captives, often their vulva was sewed up. Other practices involved mutilation of the uterus by means of iron prongs, burning the breasts and excision of the clitoris. A very painful punishment was splitting the penis of a chauhan. This was called sub-incision.
Mohammed Ghori attacked the Hindus several times and after each attack a general massacre followed. Rapes and pillage came afterward. Ghori attacked Jaichand soon in 1194A.D. and massacred his large army and killed him. The Gahadvad treasuries at Asni and Varanasi were plundered. In Benares which is the center of the country of Hind (India), Ghori destroyed one thousand temples and raised mosques on their foundations. The slaughter of Hindus at Varanasi was immense; none were spared except women and children, and the carnage of men went on until the earth was weary. The Moslem hordes attacked the Rajput kingdoms many times and the Rajputs fought back heroically but were defeated by the Moslems over and over again. As the Rajputs lost in the battles, the Moslems let loose terror on the entire population. The Rajputs' houses of worship were destroyed, their women raped and carried away, their children taken away as bonded labor and all non-combat/ants murdered. The Rajputs soon came to know the way of the Moslems. As it appeared that the battles could not be won, their women killed themselves and their men went to fight with the Moslems until death. In many cases, the Rajput women took their own lives by taking poison and then jumping into a deep fiery pit. This was called the Jauhar Vrat or 'sacrifice of fire'. The men of course went out to fight and died to a man. Now, the question is why did the women jump into the fire to be burnt alive when they were going to die of the poison anyway? The answer is simple. If the Moslems got hold of the dead bodies of the kafir women after victory in the battle, they would then rape even the dead bodies of these women. It was to prevent such 'desecration' of their own bodies after death by poison that the Rajput women used to jump into the pits of fire. Thus, when the Moslems finally came to the city, they did not find a single woman's body, dead or alive. A great disappointment! What Isla did to rajputs can only be considered rape. Not only were the women of the rajput kingdom physically raped, but their culture, their temples, their way of life, everything is systematically raped. Every invading army rapes, but it is only in Islam that women are carried away to be kept in harems, subjected to perpetual rape. Only Islam!

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Re: Penis of Prithviraj Chauhan and Breasts of Samyukta

This bugger Prithviraj is come cutpiece (Muslim) not a Hindu and thus showing the ral Jihadi Fanatic mentality like Ghauri and Ghaznavi,


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