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Lets go lie by lie

Palestinians know otherwise from long experience. They've heard this siren song before. It's the same old tired refrain going nowhere and not intending to. The so-called "road map" goes nowhere, and the "peace process" guarantees only more conflict because Israel wants it that way to justify its harshness and refuses to discuss the most fundamental Palestinian concerns. Unless they're resolved there can never be peace.

The Palestinian Arabs have had the opportunity for peace and a state over and over again since 1937 . Each time, they’ve rejected peace , preferring to kill Jews.

They include a sovereign integral independent Palestinian state, the Right of Return, status of Jerusalem Palestinians want as their capital, settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) that must be removed, and established borders. They also include ending what Palestinian-American scholar and activist Edward Said once called Israel's agenda of "refined viciousness" against the Palestinian people. Since Hamas' Palestinian Authority (PA) January, 2006 legislative electoral victory, there's been nothing "refined" about it.

Jerusalem has been a majority Jewish city for the past 150 years. The only time that it was not was ‘48-67 under Jordanian occupation. After the Jordanian Arabs ethnically cleansed all the Jews from East Jerusalem and destroyed 56 synagogues, East Jerusalem became “historically Arab.” Theres no reason to recreate this ethnic cleansing of Jews to create an Arab capital where none ever was before. Similarly, there s no such thing in international law as an inheritable right of return of refugees. If one flees an area of conflict, one is a refugee until peaceably re-settled. Descendants born in the new country are NOT refugees. Only the Palestinians assert that they and they alone have greater rights than all other peoples.

“virtually defenseless Palestinian population of about five million. “

The Palestinians are one of the most heavily armed groups in the world, and have received more aid per capita than any other people in history.

Included are 1.4 million Arab Israeli citizens. They're denied all rights Israeli Jews get and are subjected to constant abuse and neglect. They're a fifth of the population but are forced to live on 2% of the land plus 1% more for agricultural use. The Jewish population gets nearly all the rest.


Israeli-Arabs have the exact same rights as Jewish Israelis. Israeli-Arabs serve in the Knesset, the Judiciary and one as recently appointed a cabinet minister. The only difference is that Israeli-Arabs are draft exempt.

Another 3.9 million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank only get the right to live under the boot of a hostile occupier.

No, since Oslo they live under the Palestinian Authority.

They live under "vicious" repression and are denied all rights including the fundamental one to their own home on their own land that may be bulldozed to rubble anytime for any reason because Israel wants the land for Jewish settlements and relentlessly takes it and the lives of many Palestinians as well.

Simply not true. Israel is a nation of law. And any Palestinian may bring a legal action in Israeli courts if they have an issue with eminent domain, just like the US.

Then there are the refugees. About five million are in the Palestinian diaspora including about 260,000 internally displaced and living inside Israel. Most others live within 100 miles of Israel's borders in neighboring Arab states. Half are in Jordan, 15% in Lebanon, another 15% in Syria while others live throughout the world including in other Arab countries like Egypt and the Gulf states. Many live with a dominant dream so far unfulfilled - the absolute universal "Right of Return" affirmed in UN Resolution 194 passed in December, 1948 resolving that "refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property....made good by the Governments or authorities responsible."

There s no such thing in international law as an inheritable right of return of refugees. If one flees an area of conflict, one is a refugee until peaceably re-settled. Descendants born in the new country are NOT refugees. Only the Palestinians assert that they and they alone have greater rights than all other peoples.

In 1948-49, its leaders ethnically cleansed 800,000 Palestinians slaughtering many in the process. They also destroyed 531 of their villages in their "War of Independence" all Palestinians call the Nakba or catastrophe. Many refugees dream one day of returning to their homes, and all Palestinians want and deserve their own sovereign independent state never losing hope they'll get it.

In 1948 the leaders of the Arabs called up the Arab peasants to clear the battle fields and that when the armies of five Arab nations wiped out the newly declared state of Israel, the Arab peasants could return and take both areas of land. The Arabs that remained became citizens of Israel, the ones that sided with the invaders became the “Palestinian “refugees.”

Israel exacerbates their plight practicing a rigid policy of police state control while ignoring binding legal provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Its preamble cites the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UN Charter, that's also binding international law, stating "civil and political freedom....can only be achieved (if) everyone may enjoy his civil and political rights (and that it is the) obligation of States under the Charter of the United Nations to promote....human rights and freedoms (for everyone)."

The 1993 Oslo agreement left the vast majority of Palestinians under the authority of the PA. The intifada required greater security precautions however.

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