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Re: Missing Plane Parts, Other Analyses, Dispute Official Pentagon Tragedy

This is amazingly idiotic. This is more out there than the nonsense about the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

The facts are pretty clear cut. Hundreds of people saw a plane crash into the Pentagon. Many of these people were interviewed by the local media in the hours and days after the crash. It would be hard for a plane to fly into the Pentagon at that hour of the day and NOT be seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses. The Pentagon is surrounded by parking lots, highways, office buildings, condo towers and more. Eyewitnesses clearly saw a plane crash into the Pentagon. Hell, one of my friends experienced his house shaking after the plane flew over (not on a normal flight path for National Airport).

This nonsense above also ignores facts like the people who died on the airplane and in the Pentagon. It ignores all of the airplane parts found at the crash site. It ignores the incredible damage done to the Pentagon, which I saw with my own eyes just a few hours after the crash.

The 9/11 conspiracy crap posted above is sheer nonsense. It has no basis in reality and does nothing to get the Bush regime out of office.

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