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Re: Racist Sabeel Conference Coming to Boston

Press Release from Women in Black- they are really coming around.

For many years, a coalition of progressives including Women in Black, the SF ADC, and Jewish Voice for Peace organized a Christmas eve vigil in Union Square in support of the Palestinians. In good faith, we agreed we could not do it again this year. More and more it seems the worse enemy of the Palestinian people are the Palestinian leadership. The murder of Christians in Gaza, the call for a future Palestinian state to be empty of Jews, the continued bombing of S'derot while the first peace talks in 7 years were being conducted, and the racism and humiliation shown to the Jewish delegates at Annapolis were all factors in our decision.

We will continue to support the true peacemakers, in the Bay area, in the nation, and in the world.


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"Press Release from Women in Black"

This is another Zionist false flag op, not the real Women in Black. If this were a real Women in Black press release, it would appear on their website. It doesn't. See for yourself:


This is not the first time Zionists have tried to impersonate Women in Black. Impersonating their enemies is standard operating procedure for these lying, racist colonialists. For another example of Zionists impersonating their enemies, Google "nessie indymedia forgery" and see what comes up:


Women in Black protest Sabeel

Thats nonsense. Firstly, the WinB claim a Zionist group was responsible- the accused Zionist group has thousands of photos on their website of their events- not one of protesting Sabeel. They list all of the events they participated in- they didn't mention Sabeel. Its not on their calendar, its not in their archives. And if you Google Women in Black, you find refernces to unconditional support for Israel. Methinks you doth protest too much.

Re: Women in Black protest Sabeel

From www.bluetruth.net- highlighting the diverse opinions and tactics of Women in Black groups within the bay area

Help! Police! Zionists Are Looking At Us!

When Bay Area Women in Black (BAWIB) decided to do anti-Israel vigils at the corner of Grand and Lake in April of 2007, San Francisco Voice For Israel knew that we had to come and counter. As we stood with them that day, April 7th, 2007, they started what became a recurring theme. They called the police.

Oakland Police sent tactical negotiator Sgt. Hookfin (badge #276) came to deal with the situation. He told us that BAWIB felt threatened by our presence and he demanded that we separate the groups. If we did not, he stated, we would not be having as nice a conversation as we were having at that moment. His initial suggestion was for us to stand in front of the Kentucky Fried Chicken on the next block. This was unacceptable to us. What we did agree at the time was to stand on opposite corners of Grand and Lake, alternating the corners weekly.

Since that time, BAWIB have called the police repeatedly, both in Oakland and in San Francisco. The most notorious incident was when they called the police on Rabbi Bloom and his contingent from Temple Beth Abraham because they crossed by where BAWIB were standing on their way back to their synagogue.

With their attempts at harassment failing to deter our presence, they turned to a new tack, facing away from us. On February 9, 2008, instead of facing the Grand Lake Theatre, they decided to face towards Grand Avenue. Adapting to their new strategy, we came up with a new one of our own, we stood on the median island on Grand Ave. We had previously stood there once before, on December 1st, 2007 that would have been without incident had not Felice of BAWIB not come to collect a flyer from us and she was followed by a notoriously hostile and violent BAWIB activist, Ms. Stoller to harass us.

In February, BAWIB decided that our standing in the median, separated from them by 4 lanes of traffic was somehow “violating the agreement,” and furthermore, illegal. They threatened to call the police. On each occasion that BAWIB stood on the corner with the Farmer’s Market, a couple people stood in the median island. No incidents stemmed from this until March 22nd.

Apparently, they had called the police 2 weeks ago for the same reason but by the time police arrived, both groups had gone. It is Oakland, after all, and police have better things to do than rush over at the whim of someone feeling threatened by 3 people standing on a median looking at them. On March 22nd, Sgt. Hookfin arrived in time and came over to talk to both groups. Now, rather than the agreement being about keeping the groups separated, BAWIB and Sgt. Hookfin claim it is about being on different corners. Now they claim they are threatened by us standing on a median island separated by only 4 lanes of heavy traffic. Sgt. Hookfin tried to suggest that it was like militarily “flanking” them by standing in the median.

This time, we were in no mood for appeasement. We have already appeased them several times. We have changed our flyers when they complained, we allowed ourselves to be separated from them. We try to keep our people from interacting with them. We have allowed them to interact with us without calling police. We have allowed them to pass by us multiple times as they bring materials back and forth from their vehicles. This time, we felt that we no longer had any reason to appease. We agree to separation. We did not agree to stay off the median. BAWIB representatives Sharon, Felice, and Ron Klein (who had previously given his name as Ralph) adamantly refused and said this could void the agreement. Felice even yelled at me for filming the conversation. Sharon tried to yell that her son was a police officer who refused to work on Shabbat.

After BAWIB stormed off, we did agree with Sgt. Hookfin to allow whoever got to the median first to have exclusive use of it. We fully expect BAWIB to object, but clearly their issues are not about their feeling “threatened” as separation should have dealt with that and they no longer even feel an agreement is needed for their safety. Their issue is in a countering message being present. This is the reason for the harassment, for the continual calling of the police and for wasting an hour of police time to attempt to muzzle our counter-protest.

a sad lack of critical reasoning skills

>the accused Zionist group has thousands of photos on their website of their events- not one of protesting Sabeel. They list all of the events they participated in- they didn't mention Sabeel. Its not on their calendar, its not in their archives.

So what? All that does is reaffirm that they are engaging in a false flag op. By definition, the true source of all false flag ops, especially black propaganda, is hidden and disguised and our attention is directed elsewhere.

What? You expected these people to give away their game, just like that? They're not fools, you know. The people who fall for their tricks, however, are fools one and all.

* * * * *

>And if you Google Women in Black, you find refernces to unconditional support for Israel.

(1.) Zionists routinely post their propaganda under the names of their enemies. It's a very, very old political tactic. It long predates Zionism itself.



(2.) To find references to *anything* in the course of a Google search is only a matter of time. It is abundantly evident that like all too many people these days, this "Anonymous Poster" is sorely in need of the ability to subject what appears in the course of a Google search to critical analysis. Unfortunately, critical reasoning skills are ill taught our government run education system. The very last thing the powers that be want in this life is a population that knows how to reason. That is why all too many people these days can see the results of a Google search displayed on their screens, and yet have know idea what they are actually looking at, what it really means, or even how it got to be there in the first place.



>Methinks you doth protest too much.

To not protest such deep and fundamental dishonesty would be a moral atrocity. To *only* protest, is not enough. It is long past time that we advance beyond protest. Protest alone has accomplished nothing.

Oaklnad Women in Black Website

For more photos:

www.oaklandwomeninblack.org/Oakland Women In Black/Oakland Women in Black.html

"We wear black and stand in public space to use the symbolism of mourning for the dead into war into a powerful refusal of the logic of war and acceptance of injustice. Together we educate bear witness to a better future for all peoples, not just the few declared deserving by the power structure."

Good for them

From our website by a real Women in Balck

Many women in black are Zionist- why do you think this precludes participation? I've been a participant for seven years now- and I think you don't have a clue what W in B are about.

From, our website: Women In Black stand in silent vigil to protest war, rape as a tool of war, ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses all over the world. We are silent because mere words cannot express the tragedy that wars and hatred bring. We refuse to add to the cacophony of empty statements that are spoken with the best intentions yet may be erased or go unheard under the sound of a passing ambulance or a bomb exploding nearby.

Our silence is visible. We invite women to stand with us, reflect about themselves and women who have been raped, tortured or killed in concentration camps, women who have disappeared, whose loved ones have disappeared or have been killed, whose homes have been demolished. We wear black as a symbol of sorrow for all victims of war, for the destruction of people, nature and the fabric of life.

Women in Black is an international peace network. Women in Black is not an organization, but a means of mobilization and a formula for action.

We do not take sides in this or any conflict- in the middle east, for example, the Palestinians are at least as responsibile for the perpetuation of the state of war as the Israelis are.

"From, our website"

No it is not.



Re: From our website by a real Women in Balck

Learn to use google

The mission statement of Women in Black


a real Women in Black

For example, every Sept. 11 we hold a vigil- to honor the memory of those lost to terror.
We do not take sides.
We stand with all innocent victims of war.
We stand with all that suffer.
Stop trying to turn this into something political. We specifically do not want this to be about politics.
You clearly know nothing about Women in Black

"You clearly know nothing about Women in Black"

I know Women In Black personally. They are profoundly ANTI-Zionist. They are also Jews.

I also know that on


The phrase "the Palestinians are at least as responsibile for the perpetuation of the state of war as the Israelis are" does NOT appear. Go there and see for yourself.

Once again the Zionists are lying through their teeth.

Re: From our website by a real Women in Balck

Each group sets their own agenda. Many in the Kansas City group are Jewish and are Zionist- we join together to protect the rights of women. Oppression of women in Islamic countries is a major focus of the Women in Black.
Reply: Oppression of women under Islam / 31 Jan 2008
Reply: There they go again / 25 Feb 2008
Reply: Feminism will have to wait / 22 Mar 2008

From Wikipedia from a real women in Black

Women in Black is an anti-war organization. Estimates say there are about 10,000 members world wide. Though there is no agreement upon constitution between the various segments world wide, all members believe that male violence against women in domestic life and war are connected. Women In Black is often perceived to be a left-wing political group although many of its members employ the political tactic of claiming their organization is beyond ideology.

You must be male- in your insistence of who we are and what we are to believe.


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