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Re: Keeping the Pressure On: Lawrence anarchists fight against Military Recruitment

"They are fighting for the rights of all people..."

Lie. All they are doing is vandalizing and breaking things and acting like spoiled brats. That is a fact. For whatever reason these people join the military, you and the rest of the anarchist THUGS have no right to try and take away that choice from. And you won't. Ever.

If I lived in the area, I would say all of this and more to these anarchists' faces - except I probably wouldn't be able to see their faces if they don themselves in that cowardly little face-covering scarf act. (By the way, the Ku Klux Klan hides their faces, too. Cowards.)

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Re: Re: Keeping the Pressure On: Lawrence anarchists fight against Military Recruitment

You know, if they wanted to join the military so damned badly, they could just go to another recruiting station. It isn't the goal of these "thugs" to take away anyone's rights, they are simply trying to disrupt George W. Bush's war of greed and imperialism.
And explain to me how military service is a "right"? Is that like Miranda Rights? Is it my "right" to get conscripted?
If you want the "right" to kill with impunity, go to prison where the guards turn a blind eye to shankings and beatings. Sure, you won't have any other rights, but that's basically what the military is anyways right? A place where you have no rights except for the "right" to kill.


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