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a sad lack of critical reasoning skills

>the accused Zionist group has thousands of photos on their website of their events- not one of protesting Sabeel. They list all of the events they participated in- they didn't mention Sabeel. Its not on their calendar, its not in their archives.

So what? All that does is reaffirm that they are engaging in a false flag op. By definition, the true source of all false flag ops, especially black propaganda, is hidden and disguised and our attention is directed elsewhere.

What? You expected these people to give away their game, just like that? They're not fools, you know. The people who fall for their tricks, however, are fools one and all.

* * * * *

>And if you Google Women in Black, you find refernces to unconditional support for Israel.

(1.) Zionists routinely post their propaganda under the names of their enemies. It's a very, very old political tactic. It long predates Zionism itself.



(2.) To find references to *anything* in the course of a Google search is only a matter of time. It is abundantly evident that like all too many people these days, this "Anonymous Poster" is sorely in need of the ability to subject what appears in the course of a Google search to critical analysis. Unfortunately, critical reasoning skills are ill taught our government run education system. The very last thing the powers that be want in this life is a population that knows how to reason. That is why all too many people these days can see the results of a Google search displayed on their screens, and yet have know idea what they are actually looking at, what it really means, or even how it got to be there in the first place.



>Methinks you doth protest too much.

To not protest such deep and fundamental dishonesty would be a moral atrocity. To *only* protest, is not enough. It is long past time that we advance beyond protest. Protest alone has accomplished nothing.

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Oaklnad Women in Black Website

For more photos:

www.oaklandwomeninblack.org/Oakland Women In Black/Oakland Women in Black.html

"We wear black and stand in public space to use the symbolism of mourning for the dead into war into a powerful refusal of the logic of war and acceptance of injustice. Together we educate bear witness to a better future for all peoples, not just the few declared deserving by the power structure."

Good for them


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