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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

I am shocked at reading your article. I may not sleep tonight or for any nights following this one. To think that the america that was taught to me in school civics classes, and that thousands upon thousands of americans died for in WWll is now and ever increasingly belongs to the past. I read people in political chat rooms who say what a wonderful country this is. I cannot respond to them as I am too heart sick to even day anything. Time was the american public would not sit still for even the talk of something like the patriot act. Now it would appear that they actually embrace it. Never for one moment thinking that they could actually be a victim of this completely unamerican piece of legislation. I hear people on these same chat rooms saying that so and so should be reported to the FBI, There are even those who say the have or will do just that very thing. Report a screen name to the authorities for a remark or comment that rubbed them the wrong way. Democracy and freedom requires incredible tolerance. Now we or they can't even tolerate something that one, annonymous person has to say. If you disagree or dislike something or someone then "lookout" you may just get monitored by the feds. Time was that your article and experience and what I am saying were things that you found in bizarre novels about horribly unamerican places like the now defunked Soviet Union. It could never be a part of american reality but now to deny that we are not living in that very "soviet" envoirnment that we once so decried, would be denying reality. I am heartsick and very angry but I'm afraid I'm more heartsick then I am angry. Now I just do not know what will happen to the america I once knew and once was very proud to be a part of. I'm very sorry you had to experience what you did. I can't say anymore then that other then I do keep my hope alive for this country to return to its once proud status of the absolute bastion of individual freedom.

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