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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

This reminded me of the bad old days of apartheid here in South Africa when activists would jump out of there skins whenever they heard a loud, aggessive knocking on their doors, especially early in the morning and had to leave instructions with relatives and friends on feeding pets and paying accounts in case they were arrested and held without trial. It was solidarity, mutual support and maintaining contact with the ANC in exile that saw us through as well as having developed a sophisticated analysis of the situation which enabled us to see the economic vulnerability of the apartheid regime and develop a variety of tactics apart from the armed struggle to bring down apartheid. I am grateful that there are so many Americans who are prepared to put hemsleves on te line for the sake of their freedom, but I hope Americans will not mind my pointing out that the US has been an empire for a long time, which has undermined freedom in many countries, especially in Latin America. It has supported dictators who have created the conditions for corporations to exploit cheap labour, thereby undermining workers in the US itself and increasing inequality. This was bound to undermine your own democracy sooner or later. The empire is now more shameless than ever in forcing its agenda, especially its economic agenda, onto other countries. While at present our democracy is in better shape than yours, neo-liberal economics are increasing economic inequality and it is now the rich-poor divide which threatens our democracy.
So please, all you freedom loving Statesiders, get to know the history and the present state of US relations with third world countries, it may be painful, but you will be rewarded by seeing new possibilities for developing solidarity with and support from the third world. All strength to you.

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