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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

I am a veteran. I proudly served my country during the 80s and 90s and fought in the first Gulf War. I had mixed feelings about the first war and had to keep telling myself that I was NOT fighting for oil. In any case, I am, and have been, adamantly opposed to the current war (no, it is NOT over) and the sick and twisted way that 9/11 has been twisted to serve unrelated and anti-Consitutional, anti-Bill of Rights ends by the current monsters in office. Your essay "Behind the Iron Curtain" sickens and angers me to a degree that I cannot express as it is still percolating in my gut.
This is NOT what I swore an oath to protect and defend. Nearly every move this administration has taken since entering office, merely accelerated since 9/11 because it is so convenient a political device, violates everything the USA is supposed to stand for. It all violates everything I swore to uphold. It makes a mockery of my service and the fine service of those men and women, who in good faith, are dealing with GW's mess in Iraq. They do not deserve to be used as tools for the political gains of a few at the expense of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The People do not deserve to be so ill-served by their political leaders.
I can only hope that this story, and any and all others like it, get diseminated widely and clearly. The People, on the whole, have had the wool pulled over their eyes and do not fully see, do not fully comprehend the danger We the People are in should we continue to follow the current path layed out before us by Bush and Co.

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