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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

After Abba pulled me out of the sheltered world of radio/Tv broadcasting in 1996 and placed me into a big rig driving across America hauling freight; I soon had my first taste of the fascism that in now becoming the 'norm' today. On a couple of occasions at surprise roadside checkpoints (shadows of the future) I was confronted by DOT officers and ordered to hand over my driver's logbook. I refused on those occasions on the grounds that I reserved both my 4th and 5th Amendment Rights and by producing my logbook I would in effect be 'waiving' those rights and anything in that logbook could be used as 'prima facie' evidence against me. In both instances, I was deemed 'guilty' by the DOT (state officers), made to feel that I was hiding something; even though my logbook was accurate and up to date in both instances. I was placed 'out of service' for eight hours (not allowed to work) and fined for reserving my G-d given rights. Rights that are supposed to be the law of the land and we're drafted into positive law, are unalienable and inalienable and are supposed to belong to me til the day I die simply by virtue of my birth? For me, both of these and much more that I had encountered we're realtime visions of the future, a future that has obviously passed into the present.

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