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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

2003 10 14

Quit your groveling!!! We live in a police state and have for years. Most of you are just becoming aware of the state of desperation that we are in. Our jobs are being exterminated faster that the mountain gorillas. Illegals are pouring into the country from the 2nd and 3rd world who absolutely hate us. International bankers, completely unconstutional, control the monetary system. Executive orders equal a king's decree. My advice to you is purchase: firearms (.308 caliber), ammo, food, water filters, medicines, Gold and Silver. If you wait on this one you will loose in a big way. Why do you purchase insurance? Maybe you like to read all of the legal mumbo jumbo!! No, you purchase it JUST IN CASE!!!!! Read your Constitution and Bill of Rights and become informed. Become a fully informed jurist. Go to www.infowars.com and www.americanpatrol.com www.fija.org . You ask why or how did this happen? You stupid person, if you won't protect the innocent and unborn why should the government give quarter to YOU?


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