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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

two things.

first fuck the libertarian party. They try to get into liberal politics with their talk of lower regulation but it is a sham. They believe in the classical model of economics which is pre great depression. Summing it up, it believes in letting capitalism govern itself with no outside regulation. Therefor business would set minumum wages, whatever environmental laws they want to follow, and how much they give back to the community. They hold property rights as the main god-given rights.

Second, yes bush is bad. But look at democrates in the past. I remember when clinton was running liberals believed if he was elected everything would be a lot better. What did we get? Kosovo and NAFTA. What did we get with bush? Qar on terrorism and (hopefully not) the FTAA.

Voting "the right person in" can only slow down the rate in which this country is heading own the drain. It cannot stop it. I think realistically we all know this. But are just afraid to admit that we need to be advocating something more.

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