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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

First of all not surprised by what happened here. It's what we have under USA Patriot act.
NOW for the person who told us to shut up about the Patriot Act unless we could site specifics. Bubba that act is all about confusing all of us. Almost no one who voted for it could possibly have read thru the whole thing before they cast their vote. It modifies so many pieces of existing legislation that it will take legal scholars years to unravel it all. Which it was designed to do. When the Crisco freak tells us to read he knows for a fact it can't be read it's not a law like any other. It's a series of references and modifications of other laws. THESE FOLKS DON'T CARE ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE THEY HOLD US IN CONTEMPT. THEY WOULD JUST AS SOON SEE MOST OF US DEAD OR ROTTING IN PRISON CAMPS.
Sorry but this makes me incredibly angry. I and saddened that the greatest nation on earth has been reduced to a defacto dictatorship ruled by a junta.

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