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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

"They try to get into liberal politics
['Liberal' and 'conservative' are the two sides of the false political paradigm we've been force-fed since birth. The real paradigm has always been the individuals vs. the collective, hence "the tyranny of the majority". We don't have two distinct political parties but one.]

with their talk of lower regulation but it is a sham. They believe in the classical model of economics which is pre great depression. Summing it up, it believes in letting capitalism govern itself with no outside regulation. Therefor business would set minumum wages, whatever environmental laws they want to follow, and how much they give back to the community. They hold property rights as the main god-given rights."

What's wrong with any of that? It isn't a sham, it's a little thing called FREEDOM--Libertarians believe in it. Nobel Prize winning economist, Milton Friedman, has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the great depression was caused by the Federal Reserve. FDR was set up as a great champion of the common man but in reality was nothing more than a puppet of tyrants. Secret societies have always wielded great power...fools that ignore facts and reality can poke fun, but the fact is that the Illuminati is in charge--it's simply a historical fact, well documented and totally believable to those who've actually taken the time to look into it rather than beliving the lies of the utterly controlled big six media conglomerates (which are actually controlled from above making them the 'Big One' rather than six).

The only hope we've got now is restorative revolution at some point in the future. After an intensive infowar, i.e., spreading the word about our totally corrupted illegitimate government system that began its insipid rise to infamy in 1913 and which effectively took control of our once great nation from 1929-33.

It's like the committees of correspondence before the revolutionary war. The Power Elite won't back down in any case but deprogramming the masses is imperative.

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