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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

Response to the response of my response to the Libertarian.

“'Liberal' and 'conservative' are the two sides of the false political paradigm we've been force-fed since birth. The real paradigm has always been the individuals vs. the collective, hence "the tyranny of the majority". We don't have two distinct political parties but one.”

To this I completely agree. I understand that the US Libertarians take some from the knowledge of Libertarians internationally. I think the main place where we differ is out economic positions, and our views on private property (difference between personal property.) Which they are both tied together.

”… it's a little thing called FREEDOM--Libertarians believe in it. Nobel Prize winning economist, Milton Friedman, has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the great depression was caused by the Federal Reserve. FDR was set up as a great champion of the common man but in reality was nothing more than a puppet of tyrants. Secret societies have always wielded great power...fools that ignore facts and reality can poke fun, but the fact is that the Illuminati is in charge--it's simply a historical fact, well documented and totally believable to those who've actually taken the time to look into it rather than beliving the lies of the utterly controlled big six media conglomerates (which are actually controlled from above making them the 'Big One' rather than six). “

I find it humorous that you use Milton Friedman’s analysis for the basis of your argument here. His Neo-Monetary analysis which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for was a model created for classroom purposes only. He even stated that it was so hypothetical, it could never work in the real world. He has no models that prove that the great depression was caused by the Fed. The fed mad have had a limited role, but as Keynes pointed out, it was a collapse in the system. Previously, expectations were not calculated into any economic models and it was assumed that if Firms were not investing, the interest rate just needed to be dropped, and investment would once again rise. But firms were not doing this due to a grim expectation of the future.

And the freedom you claim to believe in appears to be the ability of the rich capitalist class to exploit the workers. No, I am not a Keynesian, I do not believe in regulating business into being nice… I’m for destroying the current economic system and replacing it with one based off participatory economics.

Maybe the Illuminati has some great control over everything… maybe not. I do not wish to speculate on conspiracy theory. And yes. I would also agree with you on the media.

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