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Re: Behind the Iron Curtain

Very well said Richard. Thank you.

On the local level, one thing that really angers me is the KC City Council's refusal to protect our civil liberties. Over 200 other cities have done so, including Chicago last week.
Yet the KC City Council continues to give it's citizens the collective finger by refusing them basic Constitutional protection.
The couple of "conservative" Council members who are fighting this need to hear from thier constituent.
More information about the City Council, including a map of the six districts:

note that aides receive email for some council members—thus the email name is not always the same as the council member name]

general email:
council (at) kcmo.org

1st District (at large): Deb Hermann
Email: terri_wolfe (at) kcmo.org

1st District: Bill Skaggs
Email: lisa_minardi (at) kcmo.org

2nd District (at large): Bonnie Sue Cooper
E-mail: linda_becker (at) kcmo.org

2nd District: John Fairfield
E-mail: amy_schneider (at) kcmo.org

3rd District (at large): Troy Nash
E-mail: troy_nash (at) kcmo.org

3rd District: Saundra McFadden-Weaver
Email: joe_nero (at) kcmo.org

4th District (at large): Jim Rowland
Email: dana_laiben (at) kcmo.org

4th District: Jim Glover
Email: paul_woody (at) kcmo.org

5th District: Becky Nace
Email: tom_wyrsch (at) kcmo.org

5th District: Terry Riley
diane_charity (at) kcmo.org

6th District (at large): Alvin Brooks
ramonda_doakes (at) kcmo.org

6th District: Charles A. Eddy
Email: charles_eddy@ kcmo.org  

Mayor: Kay Barnes
mayor (at) kcmo.org


Sign this petition!

More info from the afsc website:

"Across the U.S., cities have begun passing resolutions explicitly stating their opposition to USA PATRIOT and calling for its repeal. The American Friend Service Committee in Kansas City is working to add our community to this growing list by advancing a resolution to the City Council stating that our municipality opposes the USA PATRIOT Act and will not support its enforcement. If you would like to aid this effort, please contact us at:

Phone: (816) 931-5256
EMail: afsckc (at) afsc.org

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