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Editorial Policy Statement for KC Indymedia Our editorial policy is to:
  1. Encourage community members to contribute opinions and information to the web site.
  2. Encourage contributors to provide documentation of their contributions.
  3. Encourage contributors to make reasoned arguments for their opinions.
  4. Encourage contributions that are focused on issues, policies, practices, actions, and events more than on personal characteristics of people involved.
  5. Encourage a wide variety of views and try to present them in ways that help readers to compare and analyze alternative views and information.
  6. Encourage contributions that stimulate thoughtful responses.
  7. Encourage contributions that entertain as well as inform.
  8. Encourage contributions on a wide variety of issues.
  9. Contributions that seem blatantly racist or sexist will be transferred to a file which requires administrative privilege.
  10. Contributions that are essentially ad hominem attacks will be hidden. Criticisms of the policies or actions of another person or organization will be published.
  11. Generally, only full articles will be published, rather than just a summary and a link.
  12. To provide needed information to persons who participated in protest events, strong efforts to provide follow up on such events will be made. This will be especially true when events result in injury or jail to the participants.
  13. Make a special effort to publish contributions on important issues that are not covered in the mainline media.
  14. Discourage pseudonyms
    When we publish a feature, the editorial committee prefers to know the identity of the writer. We will withhold a writer’s name if he or she believes the submission must remain anonymous.
Our editorial board is always looking for features that:
  • are significant and informative
  • have better quality writing
  • cite sources from writer’s research
  • appear credible
  • contain analysis
  • are locally and regionally based
  • include eyewitness accounts
  • feature reporting on underrepresented groups
Potential features should meet some, but not necessarily all, of these criteria. When we get a lot of submissions, we reserve the right to choose articles that display more of the above. Upon request, we will offer feedback and/or guidance to posts if they need a little extra to make it from newswire to feature. These editorial processes will be followed as much as possible:
  1. To encourage wide diversity of content and avoid censorship, all contributions will be posted directly to the web site.
  2. An editorial board will arrange to have frequent review of posted contributions to assure that they promote attainment of the mission and do not libel or slander.
  3. If a reviewer questions whether a contribution does promote the mission and avoid libel or slander, the reviewer will put the contribution in a hidden file and request that other members of the board review the contribution and decide what action to take.
  4. If the board decides that a contribution is not appropriate, the contribution will be removed from the open web site and transferred to a "hidden" file. This file will be accessible to administrative privilege, but the contribution will not be listed nor displayed in the open web site.
  5. The author of a contribution so "hidden" will be notified. He or she can present an argument to the board explaining how the contribution supports the mission and is within the editorial policy. This statement will go to the executive board of the web site. Their decision will be final.
  6. Contributions will be posted for a limited time. After that, they will be moved to archives that will be accessible. One year after posting, most contributions will be removed from the archives.
  7. If any reviewer believes a contribution to have little or no information or opinion, the contribution will be "hidden." The procedures described in items three through five above will be followed.
  8. When a large amount of email containing much the same information is received, a feature story may summarize the email and respond to it. The volume of spam will be archived and available for a limited time.
  9. If an issue generates a lot of controversy, the editorial board will review it and decide whether action is needed.

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