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News :: Everyday Life
To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud money laundering Current rating: 0
13 Feb 2006
I am writing you specifically to ask what you might know about the promotion of shares in the CIA's SRA International investment by a boiler room operation called Bellador Group , , of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.Did you know that this company, SRA Inernational , that is supposed to guard and protect our U.S. government IT security has had its shares recommended by a Kuala Lumpur and Dubai boiler room that promotes U.S.penny stocks offshore ?
To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud money laundering

Dear Amit Yoran,

Congratulations on becoming In-Q-Tel CEO,sort of.I hope your presencethere prevents many a penny stock and pump and dump scam from succeeding to defraud investors as appears to be the case with
Ionatron,a CIA pump and dump that appears to have been touted by James Dale Davidson's and Bill Bonner's Agora Inc.of Baltimore with close ties to the National Taxpayers Union and Beltway lobbyists.If Ionatron weren't a pump and dump scam it is doubtful that those Beltway con artists would have been touting it.

I am writing you specifically to ask what you might know about the promotion of shares in the CIA's SRA International investment by a boiler room operation called Bellador Group , ,
of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.Did you know that this company, SRA Inernational , that is supposed to guard and protect our U.S. government IT security has had its shares recommended by a Kuala Lumpur and Dubai boiler room that promotes U.S.penny stocks
offshore ? Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur warn their citizens about Bellador Group and yet they are allowed to continue their promotion of U.S. penny stocks to defraud American and other investors.

How do you feel about a company like SRA International that gets hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. government to do IT (that boosts their share price)and that probably prepares the CIA daily briefing for the President having its shares dealt with by a boiler room in Kuala Lumpur that also touts and dumps untold amounts of U.S.penny stocks some of whose unaudited shares are probably used for money laundering ? !

And as you may know one SRA International executive,Barry Landew, was featured in a gambling article and rumor is he is addicted to gambling ! Whether this is true or not the fact is that he has been
gambling in Las Vegas according to one gambling publication and GAMBLING IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO LAUNDER MONEY ! If Mr.Landew had educated others to that fact and discouraged gambling he might have been a role model for opposing the very money laundering he is supposed to be employed to prevent ! And this man was SRA International's executive in charge of the Mantas Inc. spinoff to Safeguard Scientifics that was in charge of Charles Schwab AML at a time in late 2002 when up to 30 million shares were deposited and dumped from one Schwab account ! How did that happen ?

Coincidentally I have discovered from my own investigations of the illegal pump and dump of Endovasc shares from a Charles Schwab account(up to 30 million shares in one Schwab account!) in 2002 that Mantas'and SRA International's software was either turned off while this pump and dump fraud was going down,as James Dale Davidson promoted the worthless shares through his Agora Inc. internet tout machine,or it simply doesn't work and thus Mantas' and SRA International's 'AML' or Anti-Money Laundering software is a fraud in its own right! Which is it ?

In an ethical society Mr.Landew and SRA International would have some explaining to do along with their major investor and share holder,the CIA and In-Q-Tel.If Mantas Inc software worked in 2002 all of my 'investment' in Endovasc would not have been lost and unaccounted for Endovasc shares would not have ended up in Kuala Lumpur, etc.!

What the Schwab and Endovasc shareholder agreement that I provide a link to on pdf file shows clearly is that Mantas Inc. - far from preventing anti-money laundering - actually aided and abetted it
and was the reason Endovasc and James Dale Davidson,(who also tried to start a Dubai scam with Nannaco and or Amenni penny shares in Dubai this year),were able to continue and extend their Charles Schwab,etc.,pump and dump to Kuala Lumpur where U.S. penny stocks can be used for money laundering ! And the boiler room of course is Bellador Group that has also recommended SRA International Has the CIA determined that those who profited from the Bellador Group's boiler room ops in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai at least were the 'good guys' ?

I'd feel better knowing that I was at least defrauded and lost 100% of my investment in a supposed Stanford patent to the 'good guys' who run
penny stock frauds with U.S. penny stock shares in Asia and the Middle East.Is Bellador Group boiler room CIA connected or do they just have a lot of 'chutzpa' or take it on faith the CIA is incompetent ? I still don't believe the CIA should operate in a direct enforcement capacity within the U.S.,FBI can do that, but if a boiler room is promoting or manipulating U.S. stocks and even more so if the CIA is or was a major shareholder and the company whose shares they promote is connected to U.S. national security as SRA International surely is - shame !

How can the CIA,NSA and,or SRA International etc.,track my and others every word all over the internet and yet can't find the perpetrators
of this Kuala Lumpur-SRA International and penny stock shares promotion or those in Washington D.C. running the supposed 'anti-naked short selling scam' used to divert attention from illegal pump and dump activities and probable money laundering ?

And what about,who are they are(besides Patrick Byrne of and why are they running a fraud that appears to aid offshore U.S.penny stock dumping and probable money laundering ? Why
can't Mantas' AML software producers,SRA International, and its CIA investors prevent its own shares and U.S.penny stocks in general from
being promoted by a boiler room doing business in terrorist suspect money laundering havens such as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai ? !If the CIA can't prevent money laundering in Kuala Lumpur with shares of a
company they are invested in and whose IT work is intimately connected to and with national security , shouldn't In-Q-Tel be closed to prevent such fraud and scandal involving our CIA ? It makes the CIA look incompetent at best.

James Dale Davidson is the Beltway founder of the National Taxpayers Union who,as you may recall,started the 'Clinton killed Vince Foster'
smear campaign as well as the 'anti-naked short selling' fraud called NAANSS or 'National Association Against Naked Short Selling'. NCANS.NET or 'National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling' that placed a fraudulent $100,000 + ad-letter to Bush warning of the dangers of 'naked short selling' to SS investing appears to be its reincarnation.Why did no one in Homeland Security make any effort to identify those behind this fraud ? Could it be because they are Beltway connected as James Dale Davidson of the National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling and
National Taxpayers Union is coincidentally ?

Even Georgetown University's James J.Angel is aiding and abetting the crooks behind even though he knows NCANS only given address is the Las Vegas Cheetah Club that was the only lap dance club ever investigated under the Patriot Act ! So Georgetown even aids penny stock fraud by lending James Angel credibility and he can't provide a single example of a company harmed by 'naked short selling' even though he pretends he is an ethical securities professional.James J.Angel is a liar,fraud and academic charlatan .

I believe that NCANS like James Dale Davidson's and Agora Inc.'s NAANSS scam has a Beltway origen as surely as Nigerian letter scams have a Nigerian origen.But these are not blacks or African-Americans in the Beltway ghetto however which is why they can manipulate even NASAA to host a symposium in Washington D.C. and James Dale Davidson
connected David Patch can con them and Ralph Lambiase to lend credibilty to their peenny stock frauds.A Jack Wynn also appears to be a lobbyist perhaps with White House connections who according to David Patch has aided this massive penny stock fraud.

Davidson and Agora Inc. promoted Endovasc and Genemax,(perhaps named for newsmax ?), and dumped 10's of millions of Endovasc shares, including from a Charles Schwab's account,probably LOM of Bermuda's Schwab account,I believe,then fraudulently claimed (along with 'famed trial attorney
O'Quinn') that they were 'naked shorted' by Schwab, Refco,and Ameritrade to divert attention from the illegal and fraudulent pump and dump scam.The CIA should be ashamed to be associated with Agora Inc.,and yet the CIA's used 'WMDS' salesman, George Tenet,was right there in New Orleans in 2004 at a PENNY STOCK symposium with them !

I'm sorry to say but the internet under your reign as Homeland Security Internet 'czar' has become a place where a criminal underworld rules the internet stock message boards and Yahoo and message boards and penny stock pump and dump and money laundering with unaudited U.S.penny stocks has become the order of the day.All the pump and dump artists have to do is refer to Georgetown University's James J.Angel who'll swear each pump and dump scam is really 'naked short selling'.Maybe the CIA can recruit that Georgetown lying scumbag,he appears well qualified now that Porter Goss has purged the CIA of as many ethical or competent agents as possible.

NCANS.NET feels so comfortable about your regime that they even threaten the lives of myself or others who try and expose them.Are you proud ? You may do a google search 'yahoo mafia guatemala tony cabby machete' to see what your influence on the internet led to - death threats.I believe more than you in freedom of speech no doubt.I don't however believe fraud or death threats is free speech and that is what is proliferating coincidentally since you became Homeland Security czar and now head the CIA's stock investments.I am not saying you are responsible only that these are the times we live in and those who terrorize and defraud me aren't Arabs or Moslems but my own fellow Americans who feel quite comfortable about commiting their stock fraud that no doubt is related to money laundering or whatever purpose offshore with U.S. 'securities'.

It was bad enough in the 1980's with BCCI and a whole host of banking real estate and stock frauds. I fear it is being repeating with a vengeance under your reign both as Homeland Security 'czar' and as
In-Q-Tel CEO and this time with the world wide internet to aid U.S. penny stock fraud and money laundering from Bermuda to Europe to Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.I'm not saying it's your fault only that by
being in your position at this historic turning point you may be perceived as responsible in part for the frauds I discuss.On the other hand you are in a position to do some good if so moved.

Speaking of the Middle East,even the President of Israel,Moshe Katzav, knowingly or not, has aided the British - Israeli stock fraud of Michael Zwebner and his 'UCSY' that used both the Israeli Army and
U.S.military to sale his worthless penny stock shares. Maybe that's because certain Israelis are in on theinternational U.S. penny stock pump and dump scheme as well ? He has made claims to have distributed to the Iraeli Army and to have sent his 'airwater machines to the U.S. military in Iraq as well as to aid tsunami victims ! And he has
used Iraeli name dropping,paticulary Katzav's,to promote his stock and dump shares on defrauded investors.

Nonetheless I know Israelis and I know many would be as outraged about their soldiers being used to promote a cheap penny stock scam with offsore accounts being used to launder the stolen money of investors with worthless penny stock shares as I am about Michael Zwebner's use of the U.S.military in Iraq and tsunami victims as I am.Whether Mr.Katzav or Israeli army officers named by Mr.Zwebner in his pump and dump press releases have been remunerated by him for the use of teir names or not in his U.S.penny stock frauds I have no idea but I'm sure England if not Isral is glad that America suffers his U.S.penny stock frauds and possible money laundering rather than themselves.(You can see link below this email titled,'Israeli President Katzav touts penny stock scam for British-Israeli penny stock con artist Michael Zwebner'.You can do a google search 'wolfblitzzer0' and see article regarding Zwebner's legal efforts to silence his critics and make the internet conducive to his U.S.penny stock frauds.Or 'michael zwebner wolf blitzer cnn' to see how Zwebner tried to scam CNN on the side.

Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai has even recomended SRA International stock to its clients.Why ? Did any SRA International insiders influence Bellador Group boiler room of Mr.Taylor et al. to recommend SRA International shares to their boiler room clients ? If Homeland Security wishes to know ,Bellador Group's Arizona attorney Ron Logan, who also made the fraudulent claim that all those Endovasc shares his clients dumped in Asia or Middle East etc. was really just 'naked short selling', can easily be reached at Logan&Geotas; law firm there.

Did Barry Landew the ex director of SRA's supposed anti-money laundering spinoff,Mantas,have anything to do with having SRA International promoted by a criminal boiler room operating in suspect terrorist and criminal money laundering havens mentioned above and does he really have a gambling addiction or is he just trying to set a terrible example by promoting gambling which in fact promotes money laundering ? Why has he dumped untold millions of dollars of SRA International shares - to pay gambling debts ? Regardless you all should be ashamed to have SRA
International touted like a common penny stock on the offshore black markets just as they have touted Endovasc and probably laundered money with the unaudited shares.But perhaps Bellador GROUP IS PART OF THE 'GOOD GUYS'THAT THE CIA DOES BUSINESS WITH IN MONEY LAUNDERING
OPS ? If not why has neither the CIA or the FBI done anything about this boiler room that makes the CIA and SRA International appear to be nothing but cheap penny stock pimps ?

I still can't figure if James Dale Davidson of the National Taxpayers Union and Baltimore's Agora Inc. has ties to Bellador Group but he has ties to LOM of Bermuda that dumped untold numbers of U.S. penny
stocks through Schwab and VFinance..He recommended LOM to his followers in his book,Sovereign Individual.Whether he shares any
interest in the CIA oher than penny stock fraud I haven't the foggiest idea.He did employ ex-CIA Chief Colby until his untimely death then tried to blame this ex-CIA chief's death on Clinton just as he done with Vince Foster using Colby's name on the letterhead of Strategic Investment to lend credibility to his latest political fraud..What's really 'funny' though is that Davidson and his British smear writer Christopher Ruddy actually predicted Colby's death a month in advance if you are to believe Ruddy's writing in Davidson's course they foresaw his dath by auto accident at the time rather than his mysterious drowing. How did they do that ? Colby was not even liked by Davidson and his far right gang so it is strange indeed he hired Colby or his name for his Strategic Investment news letter in the first place.

If the CIA is not running a stock fraud op with Bellador Group then they should deal with these frauds who are manipulating SRA International stock and myriad U.S. penny stocks and in the case of Endovasc not even filing with the SEC to my knowledge.I'm only sorry the Bush claim to be fighting money laundering has turned to be another lie and fraud of this administration or this would have been dealt with years ago.Certainly money laundering with penny stock shares is not a concern or because I can can find you many such scams going down on and Yahoo ! at this very moment.

Tony Ryals

Israeli President Katzav touts penny stock scam for
British-Israeli penny stock con artist Michael Zwebner

Porter Goss: CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?

Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

Is Arizona attorney Ron Logan aiding international penny stock fraud ?

James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

D.C.Terrorbaggers:James Dale Davidson,Don Nickles, ex-CIA Chief Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson,Tom McMillen

Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

pdf file :Schwab letter and Endovasc's 'shareholder agreement' to
deposit 'up to 30 million shares in ONE FRAUDULENT Schwab pump and
dump account ! :

This work is in the public domain

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