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Adbusters Unbrand America

For this July 4th, Adbusters Media Foundation has launched a campaign to Unbrand America. The Corporate American Flag is set to fly across the nation and around the world. There are four ways to get involved. Join the call.

These are frightening times. With all that's happening -- the war on terror, Iraq, crony contracts and the PATRIOT Act -- it has become hard to see the big picture, to know where we really stand. July 4th seems the perfect moment to take stock of what has become of our country.
It seems that the revolutionary zeal America was built upon has slipped away. It led us to greatness; to independence, to abolishing slavery, to the forefront of our age. Yet our proud democracy has devolved into what amounts to a corporate state.
Today, Adbusters is launching a campaign of symbolic protest to unbrand America. A full-page ad will appear before Independence Day in the New York Times with the Corporate American flag flying proud, and the following pledge scrawled across the page:
July 4th
Because my country has sold its soul to corporate power,
Because consumerism has become our new religion,
Because we've forgotten the true meaning of freedom,
And because the 'war on terror' has hijacked our national agenda,
I pledge to do my duty . . . and take my country back.
You can view the full ad at the website.
We need to raise $60,000 to make it happen. When we do, we'll reach more than two million people and jam the world's most influential news source. Together we'll set a new tone for the dangerous months leading up to the presidential election.
For every donation of $100 or more, we'll send you a free Corporate American Flag. You can also get the flag at cost and download flag stickers and posters from our website.
We don't have much time, so the next few weeks will be vital. There are four ways to get involved, so join the call at:

Take the pledge. Fly the flag. Spread the word.

Tim Walker
Campaigns Manager
Adbusters Media Foundation


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